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    We stock a range of knee braces of different styles to accommodate nearly every injury and ailment out there. We're a one stop shop for knee braces from renowned multi-national brands. 3 reasons to shop with us: free shipping above $75, amazing customer support and free exchanges/returns policy - there is nowhere else you would rather shop!

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    Hinged Knee Brace, Knee Support Strap & Knee Band Australia

    Our most popular hinged knee braces for pre, post surgery, MCL, ACL, LCL or meniscus issues include the Shock Doctor 875,  or the McDavid 429. Our most supportive hinged brace, popular with skiers and snowboarders, is the McDavid 429X. Suffering from a grade 2 sprain (serious but no surgery involved)? Then look no further then The Shock Doctor 870 or McDavid 425. Whereas for Patella issues we have the Body Assist NHPSB and finally we have jumpers knee straps for patella tenonditis too.


    Whether it's from sports, running, walking or even dancing, a knee injury can really hinder your life and cause annoyance. Whether your recovering from a slight sprain or from ankle surgery, our range of high quality knee braces and support products can provide pain relief and support.

    Knee injuries are a fairly common, and painful, problem. Because our knees support the weight of our bodies and are constantly in motion, the internal structure of the knee can wear out. When knee cartilage is torn, or when any of the several ligaments in the knee are ruptured, you need both knee support to aid in your healing, as well as special braces and therapies to help with sore knee pain relief. We recommend checking out our best knee brace post for the latest recommendations.

    There are several types of knee support that can help prevent injury as well as alleviate knee pain and swelling. Knee sleeves are a simple method for dealing with knee pain. They provide gentle warmth to soothe injuries. 

    Patella bands, and jumpers knee strap, help to alleviate tendonitis and and other sore knee injuries associated with the patellar tendon. There are also patellar stabilizer which help alignment issues with your knee. For very serious knee injury there are full knee immobilizers that prevent any motion at all. After knee surgery you may need a post-op knee brace such as the Shock Doctor knee brace to keep the area very still while you heal.

    We carry every type of knee brace and support for every possible need, whether it's preventative, sports related support, post-op, arthritis related, or the result of knee injuries related to tendons or ligaments. Our braces from McDavid, Shock Doctor, Mueller and Neo G are suitable for a wide variety of sports, from basketball to soccer, baseball to netball, rugby to martial arts, even long distance and high speed running.