Compression Arm Sleeves, Leg Sleeves, Socks & Gloves
Our compression range consists of arthritis socks and gloves as well as compression clothing for active enthusiasts such as compression leg sleeves, arm sleeves and compression socks.

Compression Arm Sleeves, Leg Sleeves, Socks & Gloves

The IMAK Compression Active Gloves A2018 are great for those who find playing certain sports or performing every...
IMAK’s Compression Arthritis Elbow Sleeve A2015 is designed to give all day comfort and relief from arthritis and...
The IMAK Arthritis Gloves A2017 are orthopedically designed cotton gloves gently compress the soft tissues of the hands...
Knee pain affects most people at some time in their lives.  Wearing a knee sleeve, such as the...
The unique design of IMAK's Arthritis Socks A2019 provides mild compression, warmth and increased circulation to promote healing...
The IMAK Eye Pillow & Pain Relief Mask A30131 was designed by an orthopaedic surgeon.  It is made...
OS1st Orthosleeve FS6 Natural Compression Foot Sleeves are designed to help people with plantar fasciitis. The company felt...
Orthosleeve FS6+ Black Calf & Foot Compression sleeves were developed for people suffering from various leg and foot...
Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup 221
The Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup 221 have a dual purpose. The Bio Flex Cup...
The Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves 6055 is one of the all-time, best-selling compression sleeves for runners in the...
The Zensah Compression Arm Sleeves 6020 incorporate the latest technology to improve performance and recovery while you are...
Zensah Neon Pink POP Compression Leg Sleeves 6328
The Zensah POP Compression Leg Sleeves 6328 are not only attractive and fun to wear, they are also...
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Compression Arm Sleeves, Leg Sleeves, Socks & Gloves

Compression garments have become an integral part of the lives of everyone who plays sport or exercises. Additionally, they are used for relief from arthritic pain and other health issues. Compression clothing helps improve blood flow to the muscles and so boosts athletic performance. Enjoy free shipping on your order.

Having been used by the medical profession for over 50 years. It’s only relatively recently that these garments have found their place in the sports, health and wellness industry. Compression clothing are specifically designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow to various parts of the body. Compression wear not only increases performance levels, it also shortens recovery time when used after exercise.

Compression sleeves graded in tightness to ease blood flow and have wicking properties to prevent sweat pooling, thus keeping the wearer warm. They are made to allow full freedom of movement while participating in any sport or exercise programme.

Other used include relieving pain in people suffering from arthritis or similar debilitating conditions. The hands, feet, and knees are the most commonly affected areas. Depending on where you are most affected, arthritis or similar conditions may affect your ability to walk, exercise, dress yourself, and go about your normal routine. This is where compression garments can help you.

Compression sleeves are carefully designed to give the correct amount of compression depending on the body area in focus. This allows for improved and increased blood flow and oxygenation to the muscles being used and helps get rid of metabolic waste in the body.

One of the main benefits of wearing compression calf sleeves is they keep the muscles warm which in turn helps prevent muscle strain. It gives the athlete and sportsman calf support and reduces fatigue. A calf sleeve gives great relieve from shin splint pain and helps to reduce down-time due to overuse. Basketball leg sleeves not only support the calf area, but they also support the knee while allowing full range of motion while on the court.