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    Body Assist has been offering consumers innovative and therapeutic products for over 30 years.  Their aim is to help people stay healthy, well and active, by offering high-end medical and physical healthcare products.  We offer a wide selection from their braces and support range, with free shipping in Australia.

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    Body Assist Braces, Supports & Sports Medical Australia

    Body Assist is constantly expanding its portfolio by designing new and innovative products that provide users with firm support, unsurpassed comfort, together with a perfect fit.

    We stock a selection of innovative products, including The Body Assist Posture Support 750, which has been designed for people with round shoulder syndrome and for people who just want to improve their posture. This posture improver is frequently recommended by physiotherapists around the world. Improving posture means less stress on the upper back and neck.

    We also stock The Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt 590 which provides excellent support and pain relief during the period leading up to inguinal hernia operation. Before surgery, the belt's adjustable foam pads can be positioned to provide the best possible comfort for a left or right-sided hernia in the groin. The pads can be removed after surgery. We recommend that you consult your doctor about continued use of the hernia belt after the operation.

    Bodyheal also stocks the scrotal support 500, which is becoming increasingly popular with sportsmen and athletes and those that suffer from sagging, swollen or painful testicles. Many sports players wear one every day during their workout, run or game. This discreet testicular support underwear is specially designed to lift and hold the scrotal sac, while giving the wearer complete freedom of movement. This support obviously helps relieve the pain and tenderness experienced when the testicles are swollen or sagging.

    Another product in our Bodyassist portfolio is The Body Assist Patella Stabilizer, which is a patella brace designed to stabilise the knee cap and prevent lateral tracking of the patella. This reduces stress on the patellofemoral joint which in turn, can reduce pain and speed up the healing process. The patella stabiliser is used mainly for conditions which cause pain at the front of the knee. If you find that taping the kneecap towards the inner aspect of the knee, then you will find this brace is perfect for your problem.

    For those yearning for a male hour-glass figure, The waist trainer not only encourages a male hour-glass figure, it also assists in weight loss while working out. It helps maximize body perspiration during a work-out which is beneficial to the whole body. Our pores are opened, and dirt and toxins are released through these pores. Our heart rate increases allowing the body to push oxygen and nutrients into our skin cells. This increased blood flow also carries away free radicals and toxic waste from our skin cells. Sweating during a workout also ensures that your body temperature stays at a reasonable level. The waist trimmer is an excellent tool to use as part of a weight loss programme.

    Another very popular product in our Bodyassist range is the Rib Belt, which gives relief while rib injuries are healing. Fractured ribs or the bruising of ribs or nearby muscles are usually the result of a fall, road accident or assault. They are extremely painful, especially during movement, coughing and deep breathing. Also, the injured area will probably be tender to the touch. The Also in the range is the abdominal binder is specifically designed to give firm compression while allowing easier breathing. The elastic panel at the back of the rib belt, gently stretches as you breath.