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    Our range of padded knee sleeves, knee pads and shin guard sleeves are perfect for those requiring knee and shin protection. They are perfect for those looking for basketball knee pads, wrestling knee pads and MMA knee pads.
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    Padded Knee Sleeves, Basketball Knee Pads, Wrestling Knee Pads Australia

    Knee pain and injury can be very debilitating, so it makes sense to wear knee pads to protect these joints from knocks, scrapes and bruising.  Knee protectors are an important part of most sportsman’s kit.  We stock the versatile knee and elbow pads for the all-round sportsman. For basketball knee pads, which can be used for various sports, there is the McDavid knee pads.

    Our knees are only protected by a thin layer of skin and muscle, therefore a fall on a bent knee can easily push the patella out of place, tearing ligaments and muscle in the process or a fall could even break the patella. This is where the padded knee sleeves can save the day. Using knee and elbow pads during workouts and various sports is a way to protect those vulnerable areas.

    There are various types of knee pads suited to different sports. Wrestling knee pads need flexibility and lots of padding. Dance knee pads need great flexibility but not as much padding as those of the wrestler, as dancers don’t spend time pinned to the floor! Volleyball knee pads need flexibility and padding to protect the knee as the player falls forward on his knees, diving for the ball.

    The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study which found that 32% of knee injuries were caused by failure to use knee pads. Knee protectors not only prevent injury, they give support to the knee muscles and ligaments, while protecting the patella.  They also give the sportsman confidence, knowing that their knees are protected in a fall with the hex pads.