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    Med Spec has been designing and manufacturing products for the orthopaedic and athletic market since 1960. We stock Med Spec’s ASO Ankle Stabilizer Brace with Stays (free shipping within Australia), which is one of most popular ankle braces on the market today.  It’s patented design is for preventing and treating ankle injuries

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    Medspec ASO Ankle Brace Australia

    Med Spec, or Medical Specialities, began life in 1960 and is now a worldwide family owned business. Its aim was to provide the orthopaedic and athletic markets with products of high quality and superior performance at an affordable price. For well over half a century, Med Spec has listened to its customers’ comments and has successfully designed and manufactured its products to answer and meet its customers’ needs.

    All of Med Spec’s products are manufactured in the United States of America, using highly skilled employees and state of the art equipment. When companies in the States were outsourcing their manufacturing overseas, Med Spec was determined to keep manufacturing in the States, allowing it to directly oversee quality control. Med Spec has a 40,000 square foot production plant in Wadesboro, NC and proudly puts ‘Made in the USA’ on its labels. “A lot of our competition has gone overseas, but what you trade for lower cost is slower turn-around time, slower innovation, and reduced quality control,” said Scott Gaylord, who is the son of Med Spec, founder John Gaylord. “We are able to implement our developments and designs into our products much quicker and to better control our quality. We also want to keep our jobs in the US. That’s why we’ve remained in the US, and stayed successful and competitive,” he said.

    It was in this spirit that one of Med Spec’s bestsellers was designed – the Ankle Stabilising Orthosis (ASO). It is recognized as one of the best ankle braces in the market today. This product is produced to not only heal existing sprains but to protect against the possibility of future sprains. This innovative, bestselling product is recommended for inversion or eversion ankle sprains; medical or lateral ankle instability and subtalar joint instability. Med Spec are rightfully proud of this flag ship product, where they took a simple idea and developed it into what it is today.

    The ASO Ankle Brace with plastic stays is a patented ankle brace designed for preventing and treating ankle injuries. It allows sportsmen and women to continue being active after an injury, during the rehab phase. The stabilizing straps mimic the stirrup effect of an athletic taping application, making the product ideal for those who find taping irritates their skin and for those whose ankles are prone to rolling over or twisting.

    Scott Gaylord says his company strongly believe that everyone should be able to exercise and that is why they design and manufacture products which help people exercise who have health issues such as aging, diabetes and obesity. Scott says, “One of the best ways to manage diabetes and obesity is exercise,” he said. “If you have products that better enable these patients to exercise, that’s going to help these patients’ long term. So, a lot of our products will assist these patients—if they have weak ankles, if they are overweight—in getting that exercise.”

    Med Spec has a wide range of products which assist with various injuries or health issues. It manufactures ankle braces and stabilizers; back supports, abdominal binders and rib belts; wrist, hand and thumb supports; knee stabilisers and supports; foot splints and footwear and a variety of soft goods, such as slings and collars.