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Waterproof Arm & Leg Bandage Cast Covers For Swimming & Shower

Check out our range of waterproof arm cast covers, leg cast covers & walking boot leg cast covers. The covers are durable, easy to put on and will keep your cast clean and dry - perfect for showering at home or swimming on a holiday.

Waterproof Cast Covers

A cast cover gives you freedom to swim, shower, bath or go for a walk in the rain without getting your cast wet.  In a word, they allow you a large degree of normality in spite of your injury. We stock a wide range of cast covers, including the Seal Tight Waterproof Cast Cover for Ankle/Foot 20105, the Short Leg 20103, the Adult Long Arm 20102 and My Recovers Black High Walking Boot Cover.

Suffering an injury which requires a cast is not only painful but it interferes with simple things like showering. Most of us jump in the shower before and after work or the gym and this is made impossible when sporting a cast or bandage. However, a cast protector will solve this problem. 

A plaster cast cover is specially designed to have a 100% waterproof seal which allows you to shower, bath, swim and walk in wet weather. Many people try the garbage bag and sticky tape route only to find that their cast is soaked.  If the cast continues to get wet it will eventually soften and a new cast will have to be put in place. Using a cast cover also helps to maintain a hygienic environment which in turn prevents irritation and/or infection.

A Weatherproof Walking Boot Cover provides protection for orthopaedic boots or braces in wet weather. It is also designed so you are actually walking on the sole of your brace or boot, thus preventing and slipping or sliding.