About Us and our Business

BodyHeal.com.au is a family run business, 2021 was our 10th year in business, so rest assured you're in safe hands! What started as a side business has turned into one of the leading therapy stores in Australia.

What Makes Us Different?

As cliche as it sounds we strive to differentiate themselves from the rest of the market by focusing on providing stellar customer support. Our customers seem to agree. This involves pre-sale and more importantly, post-sale help. Over the years we've had to adapt with the times. As we grew we tried to offer more back. First it was free shipping but we've taken that further with our unique free returns and exchanges policy. Have any questions on an injury in general? Reach us here and we'll provide whatever help we can.

How We Compare

Who Are We?

We're a sporty family and the owner, Besh, has suffered many injuries throughout his life. He noticed that you can't get helpful advice or information on physiotherapy products without an (expensive) trip to the physio. After Besh was diagnosed with Patellar Tendonitis, he searched online and was disappointed with the Australian based stores. That's what started our first decade in business, how time flies!


Can We Be Trusted?

Did we mention our amazing unsolicited reviews? Injuries are a serious business. It can really be debilitating and tough to go through. We don't take this lightly. Our brands are multi-national companies, based mostly in North America or Europe, that have helped millions. They've been around longer than us! They've put in the research and development to produce life-changing products.

That's not all, we've recruited Physiotherapists to verify everything on our website. You'll find their helpful articles about injuries in our blogYou can be assured that our products is not just a cheap alternative but rather premium range that has tens of thousands across Australia.

Our support staff are based in Sydney, NSW and our warehouse is in Darra, QLD.


If you have any questions feel free to email us at support@bodyheal.com.au or contact us here

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