Polar Ice - Knee Ice Wrap, TMJ Jaw Wrap, Shoulder Wraps

    The Polar Ice range from Brownmed features premium ice pack wraps that are designed to suit the needs of the body when administering cryotherapy or ice therapy for treating injuries or promoting healing after surgery. We have knee ice pack wraps, shoulder ice packs, hip ice pack wraps, ankle ice pack wraps and TMJ jaw ice pack wraps for wisdom teeth recovery.
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    Polar Ice - Ice Wraps for Knees, Ankles, TMJ, Hip & Shoulders Australia

    Operating for just over half a century out of Boston, Brownmed is one of the Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the United States, and manufactures and sells more than 100 different products to worldwide.

    Brownmed’s motto is ‘Improving Life is Our Passion’. This drives them to create products of the highest quality and optimum comfort for their users, which is to encourage improved patient compliance. All of their products are designed to be medically sound and are constantly evolving to ensure every customer is satisfied.

    In particular, the Polar Ice range was developed to offer ice packs or cryotherapy solutions in an easy-to-use effective manner for hard-to-treat body parts that a simple ice pack will not cover. Their products are very popular when administering the R.I.C.E. Method to treat acute injuries, post-surgery and during physical rehabilitation.

    These include products such as the Polar Ice Large Knee Ice Pack which covers the knee joint in its entirety, including the back, above and below regions of the knee; ensuring adequate icing and compression of the joint.

    Our current range of Polar Ice products includes the foot and ankle ice pack, wrist and elbow ice pack, shoulder and hip ice pack, and even the TMJ and jaw ice pack. These products are designed to cover the entire area of injury and can be easily adjusted to conform to the shape and contours of your body with velcro straps. These straps also provide the added feature of compression to the injured area so that you tailor the ice therapy to your specific needs.