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    Our range of high quality of abdominal binders, rib support and waist trainer belt products. Our waist trimmer provides basic support while providing thermal compression which can aid with fat loss efforts.
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    Abdominal Binders, Stomach Support, Rib Belts & Waist Trimmers Australia

    Waist pain is extremely common and is said to affect most people at some time during their lives. Pain in the waist can have many causes and can impact on the quality of life. Wearing a waist trimmer helps to relieve minor pain by giving support to the abdominal muscles and the lower back, allowing the wearer to continue with their lives. The McDavid Waist Trimmer 491 provides waist support and thermal compression and may enable the wearer to trim a few centimetres off their waist.

    Waist injury is one of the main reasons for having a day off work or leaving early. It is usually due to factors such as slouching in a chair, rather than sitting up straight, lifting heavy objects, pulling, pushing or bending without thinking of how to perform these tasks without injury.

    An abdominal stomach support brace is not only good for people with lower back pain due to injury but also extremely beneficial to people suffering from lumbar arthritis. These waist support belts are made from neoprene, an elastic material which compresses and supports the lower back and abdominals. Wearing a waist support constantly reminds you to maintain good posture, whether you are standing your sitting, which in turn helps prevent further injury.

    The waist brace retains the heat which emanates from your body, thus increasing the temperature around the waist area. This in turn increases the blood flow, making the aches and pains fade away. Lastly for rib fractures, bruises we stock the Body Assist Rib Fracture Belt.