Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis & Drop Foot Supports

    Foot pain is becoming more and more common in both the young and old across the globe, with a large variety of causes and conditions to blame. So whether you’re struggling with Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, or need some serious support for your Drop-Foot, we have a foot support brace for you!
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    Bunion Corrector, Bunion Night Splints, Plantar Fasciitis Support & Drop Foot Brace Australia

    There are many options available to treat your bunion depending on the severity of your deformity, and your symptoms. Therefore it’s always best to consult a doctor before making the decision to treat your bunion surgically or conservatively with over-the-counter options. Conservative management includes the use of bunion correctors or bunion splints to offer support and help with pain or discomfort. 

    Our Neo G Bunion Corrector System is a great support brace that can be worn with your footwear, and thus allow you to live your best life with confidence. We also offer the Bunion Night Splint from Neo G which is great to use throughout the night for support when your feet are at rest. 

    Plantar Fasciitis is the main cause of heel pain and one of the most common orthopedic complaints. It refers to inflammation of the plantar fascia which is a thick band of ligamentous tissue that connects your heel bone to the rest of the bones in your foot. It’s more common in women than in men. 

    Your plantar fascia ligaments go through a lot of wear and tear in your daily life, particularly if you walk or run a lot. Too much pressure on the plantar fascia can cause damage and tears of the ligament which leads to inflammation. This causes pain in the heel and sometimes the middle area at the bottom of the foot. 

    Plantar Fasciitis is usually self-treatable with a combination of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, rest, stretching, using better shoes, and making use of foot support braces. Our plantar fasciitis arch support from Mueller is a great product to help relieve pain and discomfort, especially when you’re out walking, running, or hiking. We also have a huge range of plantar fasciitis socks that can be worn in your everyday shoes or even at home. 

    Plantar Fasciitis can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to heal completely. Therefore, depending on your symptoms, your level of physical activity, and your recovery, it’s always best to consult a physiotherapist or doctor for the best possible treatment. 

    Drop-Foot or foot drop refers to weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the front part of your foot. So this means that you will experience difficulty lifting the front part of your foot and your foot will drag on the ground as you walk. 

    Drop Foot is technically a symptom of an underlying disease or condition that could be muscular, neurological, or anatomical in nature. Some of the common causes of Drop Foot include stroke or brain injury, nerve compression or damage from either a hip/knee replacement surgery or a spinal injury, or even nerve damage from diabetes. 

    Our Drop Foot Brace is perfect for keeping your foot in a dorsiflexed or upwardly raised position, saving it from “dropping” as you walk. It works by clipping onto your shoe in a discreet manner so that your foot remains in a raised position, allowing for perfect positioning and weight-bearing of your foot as you walk.