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    Our range of quality products will help provide support and aid healing for those suffering from shin and calf injuries, including shin splints.
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    Shin Splints Brace & Calf Support Brace Australia

    Every lower leg injury has certain biomechanical causes, but they are all rooted in overuse. The constant stress placed on the bones, joints, muscles and ligaments in the calf area leads to wear and tear, and ultimately, pain and injury. Shin Splints or Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome is one of the most common lower leg injuries. It is caused by tight calf muscles and weak lower leg muscles. This condition is especially common among runners; however, other athletes may also experience calf injuries. Using shin and calf braces could be useful in these cases because they help speed up the recovery process, as well as prevent further injury.

    Other lower leg injuries include Posterior Shin Splints or acquired flat foot, Achilles Tendonitis, compartment syndrome injury and calf muscle strain. It is true that overuse is the most common contributing factor but these injuries can be aggravated by a variety of other factors such as jumping and running on hard and uneven surfaces, and overpronation.

    In some cases such as in compartment syndrome where calf injury is due to the volume of blood vessels and muscles becoming too much for the available space, merely taking a break would help. However, calf and shin shin support braces could provide support and stabilization to hasten recovery, manage pain and control swelling. The warmth and compression could be therapeutic as well.

    Calf injury supports are primarily designed to provide adequate compression. One example is the all-purpose wrap made of extra-strength breathable material. Neoprene calf supports in wraparound styles also come with adjustable Velcro fasteners to provide a custom fit to the calf region; the fully-trimmed edges and smooth trims prevent chafing and irritation.

    Shin splints supports provide therapeutic heat and compression to the calf and shin region. Shin and calf sleeves have adjustable straps and are made of elastic fabric that provides gentle support. Neoprene splint supports are made of premium neoprene that ensures compression, comfort and heat retention; they come with a unique spiral lining that removes excess sweat.