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Reusable Ice Packs & Hot Packs

Check out our range of reusable ice and hot packs from Mueller. We stock three different types which will cover most eventualities – a basic ice/hot pack, a small ice/hot pack sleeve and a large ice/hot pack wrap.

Hot & Cold Ice Therapy

Hot and cold therapy is a simple non-invasive solution to relieving pain caused by muscle and joint problems. Often used for RICE treatment. We stock three different types which will cover most eventualities – a basic ice pack, a small ice pack sleeve and a large ice pack wrap. See which one suits your needs best.

Hot and cold therapy for muscle and joint pain is not only non-invasive, it also takes away the need for pain killers. We stock the Mueller Reusable Ice and Hot Pack 330104, the Mueller Small Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap 330121 and the Mueller Large Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap 330122. The therapy wraps contain an ice pack which can be wrapped around whichever joint is causing the problem.

Hot and cold therapy has been used as an effective treatment of arthritis, pulled muscles and inflammation for many years. It is an accepted practise that ice therapy should be used for acute injuries and their associated pain and inflammation, and hot therapy should be used for muscle pain and stiffness.

Hot therapy works by increasing the blood flow and circulation to the affected area. This, in turn, relaxes and helps to soothe damaged muscle and promotes tissue healing. Hot therapy shouldn’t be used on open wounds, or areas of the body that are swollen or bruised. Hot therapy is generally used for old injuries, while cold therapy is used for new injuries.

Cold therapy works in completely the opposite way to hot therapy by reducing the blood flow to the affected area. This helps reduce the inflammation and swelling and can lessen nerve activity which will relieve pain.