Waterproof Kids Arm Cast Covers For Swimming & Showering

    We stock a wide range of children and toddler waterproof arm and hand cast covers that will keep your plaster cast dry while swimming, bathing or showering.
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    Waterproof Arm Cast Covers for Kids and Toddlers Australia

    We stock a wide range of waterproof arm cast covers for kids and toddlers. Cast covers allow your child to lead a relatively normal life while they are recovering from injury or surgery. Free shipping within Australia.

    Suffering an injury which requires a cast is not only painful for your child, but it interferes with simple things like showering or bathing. Children love to play in water, whether it’s in the bath or in the pool but, they also need to keep their cast dry. This is where a cast protector comes in to its own. A waterproof arm cast cover gives your child the freedom to swim, shower, bath or go for a walk in the rain without getting their cast wet. In a word, they allow your child a large degree of normality in spite of their injury.

    An arm plaster cast cover is specially designed to have a 100% waterproof seal which allows your child to shower, bath, swim and walk in wet weather. Many people try the garbage bag and sticky tape route only to find that their cast gets absolutely soaked. If the cast continues to get wet, it will eventually soften. This will eventually lead to the application of a new cast, which is not only an unnecessary expense but it can be also painful experience which could have been avoided. Using a cast cover also helps to maintain a hygienic environment which in turn prevents irritation and/or infection.

    The Seal Tight Waterproof Pediatric Sport Arm Cast Cover 20363 is the perfect solution for keeping casts and bandages dry for children while taking a shower. The seal ensures that your child's cast stays perfectly dry while they enjoy themselves in the water.