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    The back is frequently subjected to incredible amounts of pressure. Every time you lean or bend over to lift an object, you put stress on the various components of the back and spine. Over time, the bones and joints of the spine, discs in the vertebrae, and muscles and ligaments that hold everything together start to wear out leading to injuries and back pain. The spine can be a sensitive area, which is why back braces could come in handy. Other painful conditions such as slipped disc, sciatica, spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and sacroiliac joint pain could also benefit from back support.

    Back injuries also occur as a result of accidents (i.e. slipping on a wet floor), straining due to sports activities, and overexertion, such as in heavy lifting. Poor posture, sleeping in a bad position, lifting objects awkwardly, working for extended periods while in unnatural positions, sitting/standing up for a long time, and poor physical condition could also lead to back problems.

    Back braces such as the Mueller back brace or McDavid back brace provide support and light compression, and reduce pressure tension on the strained disks, muscles and ligaments in the area. The compression and stabilization could also be extremely useful in preventing injury, improving posture, pain management and hastening recovery.

    Lower back support belts are specially designed to provide lumbar support, improve posture and treat lower back pain. They are typically anatomically-contoured, breathable, four-way knitted fabric to ensure compression and comfort. The support belts could also be reinforced by contoured stays. Sports support belts prevent or treat low back pain brought by strain and excessive usage of the muscles and ligaments in the area, which usually occurs during sports and too much lifting.