Elbow Braces & Support For Tennis Elbow and Injuries

    An elbow injury can be one of the most frustrating for tennis and golf players suffering from tennis elbow. Our range of high quality elbow braces and support products will help whether your recovering from a slight sprain or from elbow surgery.
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    The elbow is quite susceptible to repetitive strain injury. Certain jobs or hobbies require frequent usage of the forearm muscles and tendons (i.e. tennis, golf or jobs that involve constant gripping), and that could lead to higher risks of RSI. For those who cannot altogether avoid such activities, there are elbow braces that could provide relief for elbow pain.

    Tennis elbow and golfer's elbow are two of the most common conditions that cause pain and discomfort in the area. They are typically caused by overuse and overexertion but they could also be due to trauma such as forceful extension, sudden pull and direct blows. With lateral epicondylitis, the pain is on the outer or lateral aspect (if the palm is facing forward). It does not only affect tennis players though; it could affect anyone, particularly those with recreational activities or jobs that involve frequent gripping, such as those that require using hammers or screwdrivers for extended periods. With medial epicondylitis or golfer's elbow, the inner side of the elbow joint is affected. 

    Tennis Elbow strap provide stabilization and compression which help speed up recovery. Compression also reduces swelling, and helps relieve pain. Stabilization could prevent injuries, or at least, keep existing conditions from worsening. There is a variety of arm and elbow braces available including pneumatic armbands, protective pads, slings and immobilizers.

    Elbow sleeves for sports provide pain relief for tennis and golfers elbow by compressing the tendons on the forearm. They typically feature multidirectional and anatomically knitted elastic fabric, which makes them suitable for both the left and right arms. They are made of breathable material for maximum comfort.

    Elbow braces have extra padding that is made of impact resistant material. They could be handy for settings where impact on elbows could occur, such as in volleyball and basketball. Finally we have the IMAK elbow night splint recommended specially for night time use. For the latest recommendations check out our blog post on the best elbow brace.