Basketball Leg Sleeves & Hex Leg Sleeves

    We stock a great range of padded protective clothing from McDavid. This include the extremely popular Hex Leg Sleeves for Basketball as well as elbow, shin and forearm padded sleeves. "Impact" apparel will will help you protect your body against bumps, bruises and scratches.
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    Basketball Leg Sleeves, Hex Leg Sleeves Australia

    We stock an extensive range of hex pad protective clothing from McDavid. The McDavid range is suitable for most contact sports, including rugby, volleyball, baseball, football and basketball. Our basketball knee pads will help protect you against scratches, bumps and bruises.

    Padded sports clothing is a vital part of safety in all contact sports. Over the decades protective clothing has become more sophisticated and much easier to wear. Many sporting bodies, both professional and amateur, insist that their players wear protective apparel to prevent injury. Every day the number of people playing a sport or taking up a form of exercise increases and so does the need for using padded protective clothing.

    Our range of impact sports clothing includes a selection of elbow pads sleeves, padded shorts, jockstraps and basketball arm sleeves will protect every sportsman and woman from those knocks which cause bruising and scrapes. The range includes impact sports clothing which can be used for most contact sports.

    McDavid developed Hex Technology for their basketball leg sleeves. This consists of closed cell foam padding which is bonded to fabric. This fabric incorporates hDc moisture management technology which means each article remains cool and dry on the skin. This is achieved by using a moisture wicking fabric which pulls the sweat off the skin and causes it to evaporate quickly. Another added bonus with McDavid protective clothing is that every item of protective sports apparel can be washed and dried in machines without damaging it.

    Until recently we used to stock the Shock Doctor mouthguards but have since been discontinued. Please get in touch if you are interested.