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    Pre-wrap is a thin, lightweight foam, also known as under-wrap, that is used over an area of the body that needs sports tape or Kinesiotape. Pre-wrap, along with athletic, strapping or sports tape, is widely used by personal trainers, physiotherapists, and athletes alike to treat sporting injuries or help prevent them.
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    Pre wrap, Underwrap, Sports Tape & Athletic Strapping Tape Australia

    We stock the Mueller MWrap Underwrap Foam which is easy-to-use and will adapt to the contours of the area you will be treating such as the ankle, knee, or shoulder. Bear in mind that pre-wrap/under-wrap is a non-adhesive foam that will wrap seamlessly around the areas of your body, limiting the amount of direct contact the sports or athletic tape has with your skin. Therefore it’s particularly great for those with sensitive skin. 

    Pre-wrap’s main purpose is to protect the skin from adhesive tape.  However, in recent times, its uses have grown.  Not only does it continue to protect the skin from chafing and irritation, but it can also be used for fixing cold packs in place when ice therapy or compression is recommended. Underwrap can also be used as a patellar tendon strap.  It has even been known to be used at the finishing line of races.

    Taping and strapping are frequently used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers and sports therapists to treat, support and prevent a myriad of sports injuries. We stock a wide range of these products from ankle bandage through athletic tape to boxing tape.

    Sports tape and wraps have been used by sportsmen and women for many years. 

    Another great product to be used in conjunction with sports tape is the Mueller MTape Athletic Strapping Tape. Strapping tape has an adhesive layer so that it sticks to the skin, but the adhesive is hypo-allergenic so that it will limit the risk of skin irritation or blisters from forming. 

    Strapping tape is also a more rigid form of taping, so it’s excellent for use when the injured joint requires more support in order to stabilize it. This can occur when the strain or sprain is severe and requires more support for adequate healing.