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Eye Pillow & Pain Relief Mask For Sinuses, Headaches

Check out our range of Eye Pillow & Forehead mask that is comfortable and can help with sinuses, migraines headaches.

Compression Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are the perfect compression tool for eye strain, headaches, sinusitis or just pure relaxation. They are used in yoga for the relaxation and meditation section at the end of a yoga session.

We stock the IMAK Eye Pillow & Pain Relief Mask A30131 which was designed by an orthopaedic surgeon to gently mould to the shape of your face. Covering your eyes has many positive effects on the mind and body. It calms the mind by cutting out light stimuli and it rests the eyes, while the compression from the ergoBeads helps to release tension from the forehead, cheekbones and temples. The pressure on the eyeballs is also said to lower the heart rate by causing a oculocardiac reflex. The lightweight eye pillow can be kept in the freezer and used straight from it. The ergoBeads will have a cooling effect on the eye area, giving relief from eye strain, headaches, sinusitis and promote a relaxed state of mind.