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    McDavid’s SportMedTM hex pads, braces, sleeves & supports are often among the first choices in treatment programs recommended by sports trainers, doctors and physiotherapists. These products are in use worldwide to aid recovery from injuries to joints, tendons and ligaments.

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    McDavid Knee Brace, Ankle Brace & Basketball Knee Pads - McDavid Stockist Australia

    Based in Chicago, USA, McDavid have been working closely with world-class athletes on the development of their product range since 1969. Compression is a key feature in many of McDavid’s best-selling basketball knee pads, shooting sleeve, ankle brace, knee brace, elbow brace, shoulder brace, wrist brace, back support & McDavid’s extensive research and development programmes have found targeted compression, combined with therapeutic warming, to be a winning combination in the treatment of sports injuries.


    The McDavid brand is founded on invention and innovation. Check out their amazing HexPad range of hi-tech, impact protection products, like the basketball power shooter’s sleeve and extended leg sleeves. They not only look awesome, they also deliver cutting-edge performance to boost your confidence on the field, court or track.

    Along with a whole lot of hard work, comfort and confidence will improve your performance. McDavid products are lightweight, easy to fit, and contoured to match the natural shape of your body. Flexible, breathable and hardwearing, latex-free Neoprene is the material chosen by McDavid for many of their sleeves and supports. Their innovative hDc fabric is a lighter, but equally tough option; a moisture wicking fabric, designed to keep your skin dry, and your body operating at the optimum temperature.

    BodyHeal is an authorized and the #1 McDavid stockist in Australia. when you need a proven, reliable, pain relief or protection product that’s easy to fit and wear.