Basketball Elbow Pads & Basketball Arm Sleeves

    Our McDavid range of hex pads such as the popular basketball elbow pads and basketball arm sleeves. They're perfect for those requiring arm and elbow protection. The elbow protection pads will prevents bumps and bruises from sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, MMA, karate, rugby, AFL, netball and more.
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    Elbow Pads, Basketball Arm Sleeves & Basketball Elbow Pad Australia

    The elbow is a vulnerable part of the body which frequently takes knocks in contact sports and various other activities such as skateboarding. Knocks and injuries can be prevented with the use of an elbow pad. Adding elbow pads to a sports kit, such as the excellent McDavid Knee and Elbow Pads (6440), means added protection from injury.


    The elbow is a complex hinge joint, joining 3 bones – the radius, the ulna and the humerus. These three bones are held together by ligaments.  The elbow joint is surrounded by muscle and tendons attach the muscle to the bone. The ends of the bones are protected by cartilage, and bursa sacs provide lubrication and further protection. Elbow injuries can occur in most sports, especially those involving throwing (such as basketball and baseball) and swinging (golf, tennis and squash) and, of course, in all contact sports.

    Wearing basketball arm sleeves not only helps to prevent serious injury in the case of a fall, it also supports minor sprains and gives relief from bursitis, tendonitis and arthritis. Both elbow and knee pads should be an integral part of every sports kit.

    The New England Journal of Medicine recently conducted a study on the benefits of wearing elbow protectors and basketball knee pads. The results clearly showed that over 30% of injuries could be prevented by wearing an elbow protector. So whether you are wearing elbow pads for basketball or elbow pads for football, know that you are positively protecting that intricate joint. For more info refer to our best elbow pads blog post.