Ankle Braces & Support for Sprained Ankles

    Whether it's from sports, running, walking or even dancing, an ankle injury can really hinder your life and cause annoyance. Our range of high quality ankle braces and support products. Whether your recovering from a slight sprain or from ankle surgery - we have all the solutions.
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    Ankle injuries occur when the joint is twisted too far out of the normal position, resulting to strain and damage on the tissues in the area. The ankles are involved in virtually all aspects of movement, supporting the body’s weight when a person is running, jumping, pivoting or walking, so most injuries occur during sports activities. The severity depends on whether the affected ligaments were merely stretched, or partially or completely torn, or whether there is a fracture. 

    The best ankle braces have been designed to provide support, stabilization, and compression. Wearing ankle support not only prevents injury; it also helps a lot in managing pain and in hastening recovery. We also stock kids ankle brace from Neo G.

    The ASO Ankle Brace is recommended for those who frequently engage in demanding activities that might overwork the ankles, such as in sports. They have sleek stabilizers on both sides of the ankle, positioned at a 60 degree angle to protect the ankles against sprains and rollovers. The fit could be easily adjusted. Some could even be worn inside modern sports footwear, such as those for tennis and football. The ankle sleeve from McDavid are typically made of breathable material and are quite comfortable.

    The McDavid Ankle Brace is designed to offer compression and stabilization to aid in recovery and manage pain. They usually feature an anatomic cuff design for complete coverage of the area, moldable foot plates and rigid sides to protect the ankles from impact. Anatomically designed hinges on both sides make unrestricted movement possible. Some can be fitted with cold compress. 

    Achilles Tendonitis braces from Shock Doctor are similar to those for sprained ankles, except that they also feature calf support. They are lightweight and comfortable. There are air cells under the foot arch, in addition to those at the back of the Achilles tendon to maintain compression and reduce swelling.