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    If you’re looking for comfortable undergarments while playing your favorite sport, running a 5k, or just trying to get through leg day - our Body Assist range of jockstraps, athletic supporters & sports underwear is perfect for you! So whether you’re a marathon runner, a rugby jock, or a soccerite, with our Body Assist range, we’ve got you covered!
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    Athletic Supporter, Jockstrap, Marathon or Triathlon Underwear Australia

    An athletic supporter or jockstrap is a male undergarment that’s usually worn by sportsmen or athletes. It is traditionally used to offer support, and more importantly protection of the male genitalia. Jockstraps are required for most leagues of football, soccer, cricket, and other vigorous sports to protect the testicles from blunt trauma, which can cause a wide variety of complications like rupture and internal bleeding.

    Wearing the correct underwear while playing a sport or high-impact activity directly affects your performance by influencing your ability to train fully and consistently without obsessing over the risk of injury. That’s why Body Assist designs is passionate about performance apparel that’s tailored to the needs of active people, sportsmen, and athletes of all kinds.

    Their black and white range of jockstraps, athletic supporters, and sports or marathon underwear are designed to fit like jockstraps are supposed to. They are sturdy, practical, and provide the best possible support while you train. The classic, minimalist design offers wide-ranging comfort, moisture control, and protection so that you can fully focus on improving your performance and achieving your absolute best.

    Jockstraps are also becoming more popular for medical conditions. Jockstraps are now used by men suffering from prostate cancer, incontinence, inguinal hernias, and hydroceles. Having that extra support and protection means that you are more comfortable while your body heals and you can focus on doing the things you love.