Resistance, Elastic Exercise Band Loops

    Originally used as tools during physical rehabilitation by physiotherapists and biokineticists, resistance accessories such as resistance bands (also known as exercise elastic bands), loops and flex bars are now easily accessible for everyone, whether you’re recovering from an injury or just trying to build up your muscle strength to improve your fitness.
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    Resistance Bands, Exercise Bands & Resistance Loops Australia

    Resistance Accessories have become very popular in the last decade. The most popular of which is the Resistance Band also known as exercise bands or elastic bands. Resistance bands are easy-to-use, and they’re light-weight and compact meaning you can store and transport them without too much hassle. Unlike a lot of gym equipment, this means you can carry them with you and train or workout anywhere, any time. 

    They're the perfect exercise tool because they come in different sizes, lengths, and more importantly, tensions that range from light to extra heavy. They are a rubbery texture and also come in different colors (which is usually indicative of the tension or strength of the band). The exercise band is used to create resistance so that when you are training a specific muscle or muscle group, the muscle fibers are forced to contract. This helps to increase both muscular and bone strength. Another great benefit is that the different size and resistance levels of these bands give a wide variety of exercise variations that can target all muscle groups in the body. And even more so, they can adapt to the needs of every user, regardless of how high or low their fitness or performance levels are. 

    Resistance Tubes or Exercise Tubes are also now available for use. While resistance bands are flat sheets of thin elastic rubber, usually six to eight inches wide; resistance tubes are tubular and rope-like. They most often come with handles making them easier to hold and grip onto for those high-powered exercises. Some studies say that resistance tubes are more durable than resistance bands, but it just depends on you and works best for your workouts. 

    Also available are the Exercise Loops or Resistance Band Loops from AllCare. They are very similar to exercise bands in that they are flat, but they are looped to form a circle. This is great for when you want to train two body parts at the same time such as both the knees or hips. It also means you can use your own body as an anchor when exercising one area at a time. For example, instead of having to attach an exercise band to a table to train your leg (such as to move it away from your body), you can use an exercise loop so that your opposite leg is now the anchor and still get the maximum benefit of the exercise. Your current fitness level and ultimate fitness goals will determine which color tube, band, or loop to use. As these resistance accessories are so affordable, we recommend getting a few of each so that your workouts can be more diversified. Consult your physiotherapist or biokineticist to learn more about which type of resistance accessory, and which strength will be suitable for you.