A pair of McDavid Hexpad Leg Sleeves (6446) can help to protect your knees and lower legs wher..
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If you are one of those sporting types that loves court games, where there is a lot of knee an..
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The McDavid Hex Tuff Telfx Leg Sleeves 6446X feature an extended length which gives protection again..
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The McDavid Hex Padded Shooter Arm Sleeve (6500) is a high performance compression sleeve used..
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The IMAK Arthritis Gloves A2017 are orthopedically designed cotton gloves gently compress the sof..
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The unique design of IMAK’s Arthritis Socks A2019 provides mild compression, warmth and increased ..
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The McDavid PSII Hinged Knee Brace (429) uses state of the art, lightweight materials to provi..
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Shock Doctor’s Ultra Knee Support with Bilateral Hinges 875 is their most advanced knee brace, of..
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This knee support is designed to aid recovery from injury by reducing pressure on the ligament..
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The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support 57227 is a snug-fitting compression support wraps around t..
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This lightweight ankle brace provides a quick and easy alternative to the taping techniques tr..
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The McDavid Elastic Ankle Sleeve 511 is light and easy to wear, this elastic ankle slee..
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This extra low profile ankle brace provides additional support for a weakened or injured ankle..
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This wrist support is designed to help with the healing of fractures and soft tissue injuries,..
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Mueller Thumb Stabilizer 62712 Out Of Stock
The Mueller Thumb Stabilizer 62712 is specially designed to support and limit the movement of the ..
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Physiotherapy Supplies & Medical Bracing Australia

Injuries could occur anytime. Accidents could happen and the body’s joints, ligaments, bones and muscles are continuously subject to strain, especially among athletes. Sports injuries could also occur as a result of poor training practices, lack of conditioning, improper equipment, or inadequate warm-up. Ankle injuries, calf and shin injuries, back injuries, knee injuries, shoulder injuries, foot injuries and elbow injuries are just some of the many types of injuries that cause debilitating pain. When such injuries occur, the right physiotherapy supplies and equipment could go a long way toward pain management, and hastening recovery. There are also braces that could be utilized for injury prevention.

If you are an athlete, you would want to get right back to your training regimen; sports medicine can make that possible. Your doctor or physical therapist would diagnose the condition, recommend treatment, provide a prognosis and take care of follow-ups so you could return to play. It is not only athletes that require sport medicine though; anyone who suffers from soft tissue injuries and other types of injury could benefit from quick recovery.

We can help you prevent injury with our range of products that offer excellent compression to reduce muscle tension, provide therapeutic heat and enhance circulation. We also have physio equipment that are specially designed to offer compression for controlling swelling and managing pain, and stability in order to improve post-injury or post-surgery recovery rate.

For those playing impact sports we sell hex protective pads from McDavid that cover the knee & shin or elbows.

You can conveniently browse through our range of physio therapy supplies and equipment. They are classified according to the type of injury they are recommended for, which would make it easier for you to choose the best ones for your needs. We provide detailed information about the items in our store, and about the injuries and conditions they could be used for. Don't sweat it as we  guarantee good after sales support to ensure customer satisfaction.

Don't forget to check out our sports injury blog for info on various types of injuries and articles on how to prevent injury.