3 Best Ankle Braces For Annoying Ankle Pain in 2019 (With Real Reviews)

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If you have ever experienced an ankle injury then you know better than anyone how much pain follows the incident. It could be that you sprained it going down the stairs or maybe you broke a few bones out in the field when a fellow player stepped on your foot wrong. Whatever the case you are bound to be in a lot of pain and you will probably also be immobile for a while as it heals.

One of the best ways to deal with ankle injuries is by providing compression and support. The compression helps reduce inflammation and pain whereas support ensures that the ankle remains properly aligned for perfect healing.

Below are 3 great ankle braces that offer you these benefits. 

  1. McDavid 195 Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace
  2. ASO Ankle Stabilizer With Plastic Stays
  3. Mueller XLP Ankle Brace

McDavid 195 Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace

McDavid Ankle Brace With Straps 195

Best features

  • Single-layer polyester fabric

Polyester has very strong fibers that are a combination of flexibility and firmness. This is ideal for ankle injuries as some degree of both flexibility and stable support is required during the healing process. Polyester also contributes to the very light and comfortable nature of the McDavid 195 ankle brace model.

  • 3 strap design with a figure of 6 simulation

Figure 6 stirrups are commonly used by professionals as a form of first aid for ankle injuries. This ankle brace model simulates the same support design using 3 straps. Two of these offer the stirrup support whereas the third strap goes across them for fastening and increased the stability of the setup.

  • Padded lining

This is meant to ensure that the wearer is comfortable despite the brace’s tight fit. It also facilitates breathability which facilitates airflow to and from the braced region. The consequent cooling effect helps with pain relief and increases comfort. 


  • It can be worn on both the left and right ankle
  • It is comfortable
  • It is light and breathable
  • It is easy to adjust
  • It offers level 3 maximum support to the ankle


  • The narrow design and slip-on wearing mechanism make it difficult to wear with swollen ankles
  • It is stiff around the arches which cause pain and discomfort if you walk around with it for long

Watch our demonstration of the McDavid Ultralight ankle brace with straps 195

(Real) Reviews For The McDavid 195 Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace

Purchase the McDavid 195 Ultralight Laced Ankle Brace here

ASO Ankle Stabilizer With Plastic Stays

ASO Ankle Stabilizer With Plastic Stays

Best features

  • Stirrup stabilizing straps with the figure of 8 simulation

Figure of 8 wrapping is also commonly used in the professional management of ankle injuries. It offers better and more stable support to the injured joint than figure of 6 setups. This makes the ASO ankle stabilizer ideal for more serious ankle injuries where the joint is unstable.

Bilateral plastic stays

These are present on either side of the joint. They complement the stirrup’s support by further stabilizing the joint. They also help by preventing rotation and sideways movement of the joint that could cause more pain and delay healing.

  • 5 size options

It is available in extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. It also features adjustable straps that ensure a customized fit for maximum support.

  • Cool Flex Achilles padding

This is meant to prevent friction, chaffing and subsequent discomfort caused by wearing the brace and shoes at the same time. This makes the brace ideal for athletes who want support for prolonged periods without having to deal with blisters or friction bruises from footwear. 

  • Cotton-Nylon blend material

Cotton offers you as the wearer the benefit of comfort and breathability with the ankle brace. The nylon component, on the other hand, contributes to the firm support offered by facilitating compression.


  • It is machine washable
  • It can be comfortably worn with shoes
  • It can be worn on both the left and right foot
  • It offers great support and compression for faster healing and pain relief


  • It is narrow and tight thus not comfortable when worn for long
  • Wearing and fastening can be complicated for first-time users

Watch How To Put On The ASO Anke Stabilizer with Plastic Stays

(Real) Reviews For The ASO Ankle Stabilizer with Plastic Stays

Purchase the ASO Ankle Stabilizer With Plastic Stays here

Mueller XLP Ankle Brace

Mueller XLP Ankle Brace

Best features

  • Internal plastic stays at the sides and elastic material at the back

The plastic stays are meant to offer support to the unstable joints. They restrict movement to flexing and extending allowing you as the wearer to walk comfortably while also preventing any movement that could worsen the injury. The elastic at the back, on the other hand, is meant to ensure that the joint is compressed from all sides. It also contributes to the unrestricted flexing and extending movements that the injured joint gets to enjoy.

  • Features Aegis Antimicrobial treatment

This feature is unique to Mueller braces and is meant to inhibit the growth of micro-organisms while also offering a deodorant effect. This prevents things like smelly braces and skin irritation caused by wearing the brace for long periods of time.

  • Extra Low Profile design (XLP)

This means that the brace doesn’t have any unnecessary layers or additional straps to make it bulky. It features a simple slip-on brace design with a lace fastening mechanism at the front. This simple design makes it easy and comfortable to wear with shoes.


  • Fits easily and comfortably into shoes
  • No odors when worn for long
  • Firm yet flexible thus ideal for use during sports


  • The lateral support is not as rigid and firm as expected
  • It is harder to put on than wrap-around ankle braces especially when there is welling

Watch How To Put On The Mueller XLP Ankle Brace 4300X

(Real) Reviews For The Mueller XLP Ankle Brace 4300X

Purchase the Mueller XLP Ankle Brace 4300X here



After all, is said and done, the 3 ankle braces have a lot to offer. Whether it is the Mueller’s simple yet sturdy design or the ASO’s uncompromising support, each is definitely a worthy investment. All you have to do is to understand what your ankle needs in order to make the best possible choice.

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