The McDavid Elastic Knee Sleeve 510 is a simple, elastic knee support which applies moderate compression to the knee joint and surrounding soft tissues. Use this support to ease the pain of your arthritis, tendinitis, sprain or other minor knee injury. The breathable, elasticated fabric is cooler and more comfortable than similar, neoprene-based alternatives.


Benefits of the McDavid Elastic Knee Sleeve 510R

  • Provides cool, comfortable support for the knee joint, tendons and soft tissues.
  • Gentle compression provides pain relief and promotes healing.
  • Can be worn as a preventive measure to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Breathable, neoprene-free fabric promotes natural cooling.
  • Simple, quick-fitting, slip-on design.
  • Universal fitting for either the left or right knee.
  • Snug and inconspicuous, which can be worn all day with normal clothing.
  • Recommended as an aid to knee pain management for arthritis, tendinitis and cartilage injuries.


Material & Allergy Information: 

  • Fabric: 65% polyester, 25% rubber, 10% nylon.
  • Recommended for those with a neoprene allergy.