Padded Compression Shorts For Basketball, Rugby, AFL

    Our McDavid hex padded shorts are perfect for those requiring thigh impact protection. The padded clothing will prevent bumps and bruises from sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball, netball, MMA, rugby, AFL and more.
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    Padded Shorts, Compression Shorts For Basketball, AFL & Rugby Australia

    Protective/padded shorts are important kit components in high impact sports such as ice hockey and basketball, where thigh, hip and tail bone injuries are common.

    We stock the Basketball Padded Hex Shorts from McDavid. These protective shorts not only protect the wearer from impact injuries such as cuts, bruises and breaks, they also keep the muscles warm both during and after playing, thus helping prevent injuries to muscles. 

    Both the products are designed to wick moisture away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry during play. The McDavid padded shorts have a inbuilt, shaped pocket for a shorts cup.