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3 Best Knee Braces For Annoying Knee Pain in 2019 (With Real Reviews)

  • 5 min read

best knee brace reviewsIf you have experienced any kind of knee pain then you know better than anyone just how debilitating it is. Whether it is sharp arthritis pains or dull aches from sports injuries, it goes without saying that you will need some support. In this case the most important thing to do is to ensure that you choose the right knee brace for you.

This might be a little difficult considering how many different brands and designs there are on the market. To make your life easier for you, below is a comprehensive review of some of the best knee braces out there. This will help you understand the different features making it easier for you to make your decision.

Without further ado, below are the 3 best knee braces for knee pain available today in Australia;

    1. McDavid Knee Brace With PSII Hinges 429
    2. The Ultra Knee Supporter by Shock Doctor
    3. Mueller 57227 Adjustable Knee Support


      McDavid Knee Brace with PSII Hinges 429

      McDavid Knee Brace with PSII Hinges 429

      Best features

      • Bilateral Aluminum hinges with polycentric design

      This is meant to offer support to the knee by keeping it stable. It allows you to flex and extend the joint comfortably while preventing any sideways movement that could cause you pain or delay healing. It also features internal stops that limit the level of extension to ensure that you do not over-work the knee in its vulnerable state.

      • Patellar buttress

      This is an opening at the front of the knee brace reinforced with strong compressing fabric. It is meant to stabilize the knee cap as well as offering pain relief with associated injuries and conditions like patellar tendonitis. This opening also facilitates aeration of the braced knee preventing any uncomfortable buildup of heat.

      • The fabric blend includes neoprene

      Neoprene is appreciated for its ability to absorb moisture. This ensures that as you sweat through the day you do not have to worry about things like stickiness and funny odors. It also keeps the surface warm for pain relief and improved healing speed.

      • Available in different sizes

      The McDavid is also available in a variety of sizes. With this model in particular, there are 5 sizes available; S, M, L, XL and XXL. There is a sizing guide provided that allows you to figure out which of these five is the best for your leg size. This ensures that you get the perfect fit for your knee’s specific needs for maximum benefits.


      • It offers great support.
      • Different sizes guarantee a comfortable fit.
      • It controls range of motion to ensure proper healing and to prevent worsening of the injury.
      • It is machine washable.


      • It is expensive, but considering its convenience and functionality, the price is worth it.

      Watch How To Put On The McDavid Hinged Knee Brace With PSII Hinges

      (Real) Reviews For McDavid Hinged Knee Brace

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      Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support With Bilateral Hinges 875

      shock doctor ultra knee support bilaterial hinges

      Best features

      • Cotton blend material with neoprene vents

      The fabric features cotton and other elastic fabrics. The cotton ensures comfort, wicks moisture and prevents odor. The neoprene vents complement cotton by increasing the moisture wicking effect. The elastic fibers on the other hand provide the compression required to keep the knee stable.

      • Patella support at the front

      This brace is ideal for patella related injuries. It could be instability at that part of the joint or simply spraining of the ligaments around the patella bone. Whatever the case, the patella support feature makes this Shock Doctor knee brace ideal for such injuries.  

      • Bilateral hinges

      The hinges complement the fabric’s compression force by ensuring stability. This is great for injuries that result in joint instability. The hinges facilitate healing and prevent worsening of the situation with continuous physical activity. It is also a great feature as it prevents injury in intense sports like skiing and skating that are harsh on knee joints. 

      • Finger tabs

      These are meant to allow you as the wearer to have a nice firm grip on the brace as you put it on. They are conveniently placed on either side of the brace for easy access and utilization.


      • It is strong and durable.
      • It is ideal for both prevention and healing of major knee injuries.
      • It can be used pre-op and post-op for knee surgeries.
      • Limited range of motion prevents relapse of knee injuries.
      • It is free of allergenic materials like latex and silicone.
      • It is well aerated for increased comfort.


      • The brace is bulky and heavy.

      Watch How To Put On The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support With Bilaterial Hinges

      (Real) Reviews For Shock Doctor Hinged Knee Brace

      >>> Purchase The Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support With Bilateral Hinges Here

      Mueller 57227 Adjustable Knee Support

      mueller adjustable knee support 57227


      Best features

      • Reinforced knee cap opening at the front

      The front features an open reinforced knee cap nook. This is meant to offer extra support to this area of the knee while also facilitating free motion. It is a great feature if you are dealing with pain from unstable joints or injured ligaments at the front of the knee.

      • Customizable compression

      The Velcro fastening mechanism on this knee brace allows you as the wearer to adjust the size to fit your knee. This mechanism features 4 specially patented straps that allow this flexibility in terms of size. This is perfect as it allows you to choose just how tight you want it to be as your knee continues to heal. It also makes it ideal for use on a variety of knee related injuries and conditions.

      • Neoprene blended fabric

      The best thing about this fabric is the moisture wicking function. This comes in handy for athletes as it soaks up the sweat produced during exercise. Neoprene also has a warming effect on the skin. This helps by reducing pain and facilitating faster healing by increasing blood supply to the knee.


      • It is affordable.
      • It offers both support and compression making it versatile.
      • It is airy and comfortable as there is no sweat accumulation.
      • It is flexible yet stable.
      • The size can be easily adjusted.


      • It tends to uncomfortably run warm after being worn for long periods and in hot weather.
      • Support offered is not sufficient for major knee injuries and for post-op bracing.


      Watch How To Put On The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support

      (Real) Reviews For The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support 57227

      >>> Purchase The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support Here


      Bottom line

      The three knee braces reviewed above clearly have a lot to offer. The McDavid offers the strongest and most stable support. The Shock Doctor model on the other hand is perfect for support of injured knees whether it is torn ligaments or a simple muscle strain. Finally, with Mueller’s improved 57227 model you get to enjoy versatility which means you can use the braces no matter the type of injury.

      With all this in mind, it goes without saying that you have to take factors like your specific needs into consideration while making the decision. It is also a wise idea to consult your doctor while making the decision. However, you can rest assured that you will never go wrong with these 3 best knee brace models.

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