Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve With Open Patella 865

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Size Guide
Size Chart Knee 865


  Knee (Inches) Knee (CM)
Small 12.25 to 13.25 31.1 to 33.7
Medium 13 to 14 33 to 35.6
Large 13.75 to 14.75 34.9 to 37.5
Extra Large 14.5 to 16 36.8 to 40.6
XXL 15.75 to 17.25 40 to 43.8
XXXL 17 to 18.5 43.2 to 47



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Shock Doctor’s Knee Compression Sleeve with Open Patella 865 offers protection and relief from mild to moderate instability and pain.  It is classed as a Level 1 product, which means it gives primary protection.  

Knees take a lot of strain every day, even without exercise such as hiking, cycling, running and mountain climbing.  In the United States, there are over 700,000 knee replacements done each year and this is expected to rise to around 3.48 million procedures by the year 2030.  In Australia, there was an increase of 88% between the years 2003 and 2014.  It therefore makes sense to take care of your knees and protect them from injury and re-injury.

The knee is bound by an intricate system of ligaments, tendons, cartilage and muscle and, as such, is prone to wear and tear and injury. Our knees absorb one and a half our body weight with every step, so it perfectly understandable that knees develop problems over time, such as osteoarthritis and various major and minor injuries.

This compression sleeve with open patella is designed to alleviate mild to moderate pain associated with problems such osteoarthritis, sprains and tendonitis.  It does this by helping to stabilize the knee joint and keeping the patella properly aligned.  This assists in the healing process which, in turn, relieves any associated pain.

Features and Benefits of the Shock Doctor Knee Compression Sleeve with Open Patella 865

The compression sleeve has many features: 

  • The unique anatomical pre-curved compression fit sleeve design gives the wearer stability, protection and enhanced performance. 
  • The open patella offers stabilizing compression around the patella
  • Sweat protection at the back of the knee is provided by 4-way stretch spandex mesh.  Not only does it release heat where it’s most needed, but it also wicks away the moisture. 
  • This 4-way stretch mesh always allows the wearer full range of motion.  The mesh also prevents bunching and pinching of fabric.
  • All the fabric uses antimicrobial technology to prevent odour causing bacteria.
  • The knee sleeve uses premium stitching assembly which not only gives it a long life but is also comfortable to wear and easy to put on.  It is also finished with long-lasting lycra binding.
  • The compression sleeve has no-slip silicone gripper pattern lining located above the knee which helps maintain the correct position of the sleeve.


The Knee Compression Sleeve with Open Patella can be used for:

  • Moderate pain associated with knee arthritis
  • Moderate pain associated with bursitis
  • Moderate pain associated with tendonitis
  • Patella alignment
  • Medium stability for moderate to muscle strains
  • Providing physical restraint around the knee area
  • Helping to restore knee stability
  • Slowing down joint degeneration
  • Protecting the knee against recurrence of old injuries


Material Information:

  • The compression sleeve is fully washable. 
  • Hand wash in cold water, using a mild detergent. 
  • Rinse and air dry. 
  • Do not use fabric softener. 
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • 100% Latex free
  • 4-way stretch spandex at back of knee
  • N-Tex air flow vented neoprene
  • Antimicrobial technology


How to put on the Shock Doctor Compression Sleeve with Open Patella

Slip the compression sleeve over the foot and bring up over the knee using the conveniently place finger tabs on either side of the sleeve.  These finger tabs offer an easy fit hold when fitting the compression sleeve.