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Mueller Sports Medicine product range leads from the front in terms of innovation and invention. Make Mueller your first choice when  you need a top-quality, well-manufactured sports-med product to tackle a new or ongoing injury. Mueller’s outstanding products are endorsed by tennis ace, Rafael Nadal. Choose our trusted store for your Mueller product needs in Australia.

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Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer 44547

The Mueller Adjustable Ankle Stabilizer 44547 is extremely lightweight and is designed to fit in m..

$51.97 Ex Tax: $47.25

Mueller Adjustable Back Brace 4581

The Mueller adjustable back brace features eight flexible steel springs and advanced, elasticated..

$89.97 Ex Tax: $81.79

Mueller Adjustable Elbow Support 75217

A simple, fully adjustable elbow support from Mueller, which provides pain reducing compressio..

$59.97 Ex Tax: $54.52

Mueller Adjustable Knee Support (New Model) 57227

The Mueller Adjustable Knee Support 57227 is a snug-fitting compression support wraps around t..

$66.97 Ex Tax: $60.88

Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace With Removable Pad 255

The Mueller Adjustable Lumbar Back Brace With Removable Pad 255 offers the wearer support and stab..

$114.97 Ex Tax: $104.52

Mueller ATF 2 White Ankle Brace 4336x

This updated version of Mueller’s popular, ATF ankle brace offers highly effective support for..

$89.97 Ex Tax: $81.79

Mueller Elastic Knee Support 5525X -33%

Mueller Elastic Knee Support 5525X

Mueller’s classic, elastic knee sleeve offers light, flexible support for a stiff, weak or pai..

$29.97 $19.97 Ex Tax: $18.15

Mueller Eurotape Rigid Strapping Tape 130595

Mueller Eurotape Rigid Strapping Tape 130595 is designed specifically for European taping techniques..

$16.97 Ex Tax: $15.43

Mueller Hinged Wraparound Knee Brace 3333X

The Mueller Hinged Wraparound Knee Brace 3333 is designed to assist people with minor to moderate ..

$114.97 Ex Tax: $114.97

Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap 992

The Mueller Jumper's Knee Strap 992 instantly eases the pain associated with runner’s knee, jumpe..

$39.97 Ex Tax: $36.34

Mueller Kinesiology Tape 28147 Out Of Stock

Mueller Kinesiology Tape 28147

Mueller Kinesiology Tape is designed to increase the blood flow around the muscle and joints thus ..

$23.97 Ex Tax: $21.79

Mueller Max Knee Strap 59857

Mueller’s “Max” knee strap provides all-round stabilization and pain relief for an injured knee. ..

$86.97 Ex Tax: $79.06

Mueller Multi-Purpose Cold/Hot Therapy Small Wrap 330121

The Mueller Small Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap is the perfect wrap for healing therapy on those small ar..

$52.97 Ex Tax: $48.15

Mueller Multi-Purpose Cold/Hot Therapy Wrap Large 330122

The Mueller Large Cold-Hot Therapy Wrap 330122 is the answer to curing those bruises, strains and..

$69.97 Ex Tax: $63.61

Mueller MWrap Natural 130702 Out Of Stock

Mueller MWrap Natural 130702

This professional standard, multi-purpose under-wrap can be applied directly to an injury site bef..

$14.97 Ex Tax: $13.61

Mueller Sports Medicine Australia

In 1961, from the basement of his father’s pharmacy, university basketball player, Curt Mueller, began producing some of the first ‘sports medicine’ products available on the US market. From their base in Wisconsin, this family-owned business has now grown to become the internationally acclaimed, Mueller Sports Medicine Inc.

Now, the range of Mueller sports medicine products covers every aspect of protection, treatment, support and recovery. Many of the most popular ranges rely on three key therapies: support, compression and heat retention. Support reduces the stress on joints, tendons and muscles. Compression limits swelling and provides protection from further injury. Finally, heat retention increases blood circulation, prevents muscle spasms and eases muscular pain.

Though designed mainly to help sportsmen and women to improve performance and overcome their injuries, Mueller products also help people of all ages and abilities to carry on with their regular jobs and everyday activities while recovering from surgery, illness or injury. For manual workers dealing with the lifting and movement of heavy loads, Mueller’s Adjustable Back Brace can be worn all day to reduce wear and tear on the spine. Even a simple cooling treatment like Mueller’s classic, Reusable Hot/Cold Pack is useful to keep in the freezer for treating minor twists, sprains, strains and burns.

As well as offering sport-specific therapy options, Mueller’s product ranges provide professional and recreational athletes with options that match the severity of the injury. From a lightweight, elastic knee support, to a ‘pro’, hinged knee brace – it’s good to know that Mueller are right behind you with a product that will get you back in play.

The company’s impressive list of patented products now features some of the latest developments in advance materials engineering. These lightweight, high-performance materials include special carbon composites, super-strong plastic stays and high-tech, anti-bacterial, moisture management fabrics.