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We need to protect our knees from permanent damage, and this is where the Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap 30104 can help us. Whether it’s to assist in recovering from an injury/pain or helping to prevent the same, this knee wrap will perform the job.

Cold therapy is highly recommended for a variety of joint problems.  It helps alleviate pain from many acute injuries, it reduces swelling and inflammation, which in turn, helps to minimise pain associated with arthritis, excess activity and general wear and tear. 

The Polar Ice compression pack helps reduce inflammation and swelling by constricting our blood vessels.  The ‘compression’ part of the wrap keeps the joint stabilised, thus helping to prevent further injury, while the ‘cold’ part is practicing vasoconstriction.  Cold therapy is also known as cryotherapy, which not only reduces the blood flow to the knee, it also temporarily reduces nerve activity.  Both result in not only pain relief but the added bonus of reduction in inflammation and swelling which aids the healing process.  This combination of compression and cold therapy leads to quick relief and assistance with recovery.


The Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap 30104 can be used for:

  • Post-operative cryotherapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports injuries
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Oedema and swelling
  • Ideal for bruises and sprains
  • After physical activity
  • Arthritis
  • Bursitis


Features and Benefits of the Polar Ice Large Knee Ice Pack Wrap

Polar Ice combines cryotherapy with compression to help prevent and/or repair soft tissue injury.  The combination of restricting movement plus cold therapy enables the knee joint to repair and return to full mobility.  This product gives you hands-free long lasting, wearable cold therapy, which is very easy to use.

The Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap is divided into 3 equal sections, each of which has a pocket for a slim-line cold pack.  Its soft, fleece outer cover ensures that the compression pack stays in place.  It also has wicking properties to keep moisture away from your skin.  The underside of the large knee wrap has added foam which also protects against frost bite.

The encapsulated ice packs are made up of tiny cells which are filled with purified water.  The ice packs are designed in this way, so they happily mould to the shape of your knee.  They are easy to take with you in a cooler bag.  The ‘waffle’ designed ice pack allows for quicker freezing time.  The manufacturers say it the ice packs will freeze within 30-45 minutes and will remain cold/cool for up to 30 minutes.

Measure the circumference of your leg above the knee to ensure you are selecting the right size for you.  The large knee wrap measures 33cm (13 inches) wide and 68cm (26.75 inches) long.


Encapsulated ice pack

  • Moulds to the shape of your knee
  • Easy to take along in a cooler bag
  • Its design allows for quick refreezing time


Soft Fleece Material

  • Keeps ice pack in place
  • Gives comfortable compression
  • Protects against frost bite
  • Wicks away moisture


How to put on the Polar Ice Large Knee Wrap

After inserting the ice packs in the prescribed slots, carefully wrap around the knee and secure with the easily adjustable hook and loop closure straps.

Material and Allergy Information

  • 100% Latex free
  • Soft, lightweight fleece cover
  • Encapsulated ice pack
  • Contains natural spring water – non - toxic

The knee wrap is simple to wash.  Just hand wash in a mild detergent and air dry, after removing the ice inserts.  Do not tumble dry.


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