KT Tape Blister Prevention Tape

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Quantity:  30 Pre-Cut 3.5x1.2 Inch Strips

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For the professional athlete, blisters can be severely damaging to their overall performance and cause a significant amount of pain. The KT Performance+ Blister Prevention Tape from leading brand KT Tape is a must-have for those suffering from blisters, and other athlete-related abrasion injuries, including chafing, and hot spot formation. 

So if your new running shoes are tearing into your heels, or your hands are chafed from swinging that baseball bat all Summer, the KT Performance+® Blister Prevention Tape is for you!

The tape is made from premium synthetic non-woven fibers that are designed to withstand the often rigorous conditions that most athletes have to contend with when training and competing. The tape is engineered from a lightweight material that is designed to minimize blister-causing friction and still give you full mobility. For your convenience and easy application, the tape is cut into 3.5’’ strips so that it can be used for most areas.

What can the KT Performance+ Blister Prevention Tape be used for:

Athletes who experience increased friction in their bare hands or when using sports implements such as in:

  • Baseball (batsmen and pitchers)
  • Softball
  • Rowing
  • Gymnasts
  • Short-put
  • Weight-lifting
  • Pole vaulting 

Athletes who are prone to friction blisters on their feet such as those in sports that require significant starting, stopping, high-impact landing, and quick changes of direction. This can include basketball, soccer, football, volleyball, and tennis. 

This product can even be useful to help break in a new pair of shoes for ballet performers or marathon runners.

Features & Benefits of the KT Blister Prevention Tape:

  • Prevents the formation of blisters, hot spots, and chafing in the professional athlete
  • Made from 100% synthetic fibers that are designed to be tear-resistant and ultra-durable in the harshest of athletic environments
  • Made from a lightweight and thin material so that it’s comfortable on your skin and does not stop you from having full mobility
  • Lasts for up to 2 days due to its strong adhesive (glue), that conforms to your skin and the shape of the area you are treating
  • Has rounded edges that prevent the ends of the tape from fraying
  • Cut into 3,5’’ strip for easy application
  • Comes with a plastic travel case

How to apply the chafing and hot spot prevention tape:

  • Make sure the area to be treated is clean and dry, and free from any oils, lotions, or ointments.
  • Tear off a strip from the roll of tape and ensure that the paper backing is still intact.
  • Carefully peel back both sides of the paper backing starting in the center of the strip. Be careful to not touch the glue or adhesive.
  • Apply the sticky side of the tape directly to the desired skin area and slowly remove the paper backing, continuing to not to touch the adhesive.
  • Once you have successfully applied the strip, gently rub the tape to generate some heat. This will loosen the glue so that it sticks onto your skin properly.
  • When removing the tape, please do NOT rip it off. This may cause bruising or breaking of the skin.


Precautions when using the KT Performance+® Blister Prevention Tape:

  • Do NOT use if your skin already has a blister, is broken, or has an open wound. 
  • Not for use if you have poor circulation, fragile skin, or if you have poor sensation such as in the case of diabetics.
  • Only apply each strip one time.
  • Stop using this product if your skin becomes severely itchy or irritable.