ASO Ankle Brace With Inserts 26403X

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Size Guide
Size Chart Ankle 26403X

ASO Ankle Size Guide


  Men's US Shoe Size Womens US Shoe Size
Extra Small 6 to 7 5 to 6
Small 7.5 to 9 6.5 to 8
Medium 9.5 to 11 8.5 to 10
Large 11.5 to 13 10.5 to 12
Extra Large 13.5 to 15 12.5 to 14



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The ASO (Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis) Ankle Stabilizer with Plastic Stays 26430X is a patented ankle brace designed for preventing and treating ankle injuries.  It allows sportsmen and women to continue being active after an injury, during the rehab phase.  The stabilising straps mimic the stirrup effect of an athletic taping application, making the product ideal for those who find taping irritates their skin and for those whose ankles are prone to rolling over or twisting.

Note:There are major supply issues with the ASO Ankle Brace. We recommend the Medi Sports Ankle Brace as a direct substitute.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer fits either foot and is designed to be worn with most closed footwear.  The plastic stays are specifically designed to enhance proprioceptive protection, especially during the acute phase of ankle sprain or strain injury.  The elastic cuff closure enhances support from the stabilizing straps and secures the laces.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizer with Stays is made from materials which ensure comfort while wearing.  The product is fully machine washable on a gentle cycle but should be air dried, not tumble dried.  Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing.  It comes in 3 sizes - small, medium or large - depending on the measurement of your ankle circumference when measured around the heel and over the top of your foot.

Features & Benefits Of The ASO Ankle Stabilizer With Plastic Stays 26403X 

  • Lightweight
  • Good ventilation
  • Plastic stays enhance proprioceptive protection
  • Figure of eight stabilising straps protect and support ankles
  • Elastic cuff closure for extra support
  • Fits in any type of shoe
  • Fits left or right foot
  • CoolFlex achilles pad
  • Strong and durable
  • Machine washable 

ASO Ankle Brace Can Be Used For 

  • Inversion or eversion sprains
  • Strains
  • Medial ankle pain
  • Lateral ankle pain
  • Subtalar joint instability 

MEDSPEC ASO Ankle Brace Brace with Stays can be used in most sports including: 

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Snowboarding
  • Skiing
  • Skating
  • Running
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer

Wash & Material Information:

Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach.  Air dry.