Protective Hex Shirts


Our McDavid hex padded shirts are perfect for those requiring chest and torso protection. The padded clothing will prevents bumps and bruises from sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball netball, MMA, rugby, AFL and more.

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McDavid Hex Tank Shirt 7963

The McDavid Hex Tank Shirt 7963 is the ultimate protective sport shirt. This body-hugging, tank s..

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Toilet Stools Australia

Our range of toilet stools includes the Original Squatty Potty Toilet Stool (7 inch), which is suitable for a toilet which measures between 14” and 16” from the top of the toilet bowl to the floor.  We also stock the Original Squatty Potty Toilet Stool (9 inch), which is for toilets that measure 16.5” and 18” from the top of the toilet bowl to the floor.  Both these sizes come in either the original polypropylene, in a white finish or in a slimmer design, made from sculpted plywood.

Before the advent of the commode and the toilet, people naturally squatted when they pooped. This allowed the puborectalis muscle in our colons to fully relax, giving the colon the ability to empty quickly.  When we’re in a sitting position, this muscle only partially relaxes, which naturally blocks the flow of waste.  Poor elimination leads to a build up of toxins and can cause health issues.

Using a toilet stool not only helps people to defecate quickly and easily, it also helps with problems such as bloating, constipation and haemorrhoids. It can also help prevent diseases of the colon, reduce urinary tract infections and encourage a thorough detoxification. 

The Squatty Potty range that we stock is hard wearing and easy to clean.  It can be stored under the toilet, so it’s always at hand.  It can be used by everyone in the family and the ECCO version can take weights of up to 350 lbs.  Standing on the sculpted plywood version should be avoided as it may distort its shape.