The Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt 590 can provide excellent support and pain relief during the period leading up to a inguinal hernia operation. Before surgery, the belt's adjustable foam pads can be positioned to provide the best possible comfort for a left or right-sided hernia in the groin. The pads can be removed after surgery. We recommend that you consult your doctor about continued use of the hernia belt after the operation.

Benefits of the Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt

  • Adjustable support for a left or right-sided inguinal (groin) hernia.
  • Anatomically shaped pads assist in keeping the rupture closed.
  • Use the adjustable foam pads before surgery to provide maximum comfort and pain relief.
  • Consult your doctor about removing the pads after surgery to use the belt for support during healing.
  • Light and easy to wear fits most body shapes.
  • Made from non-irritant materials.
  • Can be worn while swimming or showering.


Material & Allergy Information:

  • Suitable for wearers with a neoprene allergy.
  • Fabric: Mixed, lightweight, non-irritant materials.
  • Available in mixed white/cream coloring only.
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.