Ossur Evenup Shoe Balancer/Lifter

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Size Guide
Ossur Evenup Shoe Balancer Size Chart
Size Suitable shoe sole length Women's US shoe size Men's US shoe size
Small 250 - 285 mm 5 - 8.5 6 - 8
Medium 285 - 310 mm 9 - 11 8.5 - 10.5
Large 311- 350 mm 11.5 - 13 11 -13

 *Note: It is generally best to choose an EvenUP a little too small than a little too big. If your shoe length is in between measures, go for the smaller size as the device is flexible.



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If you’ve fractured your leg bones or are recovering from a broken ankle, chances are your surgeon has advised you to wear a walker boot. The walker boot is usually worn for 6 to 8 weeks to protect and immobilize the injured limb, while still allowing you to be able to walk while you heal. This is something a traditional cast is unable to offer.

However, wearing the walker boot for almost 2 months can become quite taxing on your unaffected limb because the walker boot has a thicker sole than conventional shoes. This means you will now be walking with a limp due to the leg length discrepancy, i.e. the injured leg is higher than the other. The leg length discrepancy can cause pain &/discomfort in your unaffected hip, knee, and lower back due to your new altered walking pattern. It can also be tiresome and really wear you down as the days go by, especially if you’re someone who has to walk a lot.

This is why Ossur brings you their Evenup Shoe Balancer, the perfect solution to this frustrating and somewhat lengthy problem. The Ossur Evenup Shoe Balancer is a shoe leveler that is worn on the shoe of the unaffected leg. The easy-to-use lightweight device adds an additional 2.5cm to your existing sole height. This helps to decrease that leg length discrepancy so that you will have a more natural walking pattern, and overall less strain on your unaffected hip joint, knee joint, and lower back.


Features and Benefits of the Ossur Evenup Shoe Balancer:

  • Evens up or equalizes your leg length when walking with a walker boot or cast
  • A removable, reusable, and adjustable shoe lift product
  • Adds 2.5cm to the height of your existing shoe to decrease the leg length discrepancy
  • Fits onto your existing footwear
  • It can be adjusted from a 1cm to a 2cm lift
  • Helps reduce hip, knee, and lower back pain &/ discomfort from using a cast or walker boot
  • Rubber straps can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit with your shoe
  • Durable EVA sole for shock absorption to provide cushioning and comfort
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large
  • The universal design which means it can be worn on the left or right foot

How to use the Ossur Evenup Shoe Balancer:

  • Slip the device over your existing shoe and place the strap in place on top of your shoe so that it stays secure as you walk, and you’re good to go!

NB: Ensure you select the correct size to ensure that the device stays in place when mobile.