3 Best Knee Pads For Annoying Knee Pain in 2023 (With Real Reviews)

by Besh T

Knee injuries are very common, especially among athletes. One of the best ways to prevent them from getting worse or even happening at all is by investing in the right knee pads. Below is a review of the 3 best knee pads from the McDavid Brand. These knee braces are perfect for everything from torn ligaments to strained muscles.

The best knee pads are;

  1. McDavid 6446X Teflx Leg Sleeves
  2. McDavid 6440 Hex Knee and Elbow Pads
  3. McDavid 645 Knee and Elbow Pads


McDavid 6446X Teflx Leg Sleeves

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Best features

  • Extended length

These knee pads are very long-running from the mid-thigh are to mid-calf. This extended coverage comes as a major advantage to athletes for many reasons. On one hand, you get to enjoy support and compression not only on the knee but also on the shins and the lower thighs. The length is also an advantage as it prevents slipping as you move around in the pads.

  • hDc Moisture Management System

This system is unique to McDavid braces and pads. It allows wicking of moisture from the skin which keeps you nice and dry while wearing the pads. It also prevents excess buildup of heat and formation of odors.

  • Slip-resistant elastic bands

These braces feature slip-resistant bands at the top end. These are meant to keep the brace on allowing you as the wearer to walk, run and even jump without having to worry about them slipping off. 

  • 9mm Hex Technology with Teflx coating

This special coating helps to protect the pads from damage by promoting scratch resistance. This is what makes these particular knee pads ideal when there is body-to-surface contact involved. The Hex technology also comes in handy by offering additional support and compression for faster healing of knee injuries.

  • 6 sizes

It is available in 5 sizes which include small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large. This wide variety ensures that you can easily get the right pads for your specific needs. All you have to do is to follow the measurement chart provided to find your perfect fit.

  • Elastic material blend with foam padding

It is made from 80% nylon, 20% spandex. This blend offers both flexibilities for free movement and compression for pain relief and healing. The pads also feature Polyethylene foam padding for support and comfort.


  • Offer both bodies to body and body to surface protection.
  • They come in pairs.
  • Neoprene free thus hypoallergenic.
  • Machine washable and dryable therefore easy to maintain.
  • They are light therefore comfortable for long periods.
  • The Teflx material makes them resistant to ripping with surface contact making them more durable.


  • They are expensive.
  • The foam padding is not stable and falls apart with repeated washing and constant movement.

Watch How To Put On The McDavid Hex Sleeves With Knee Pad 6446

(Real) Reviews For The McDavid 6446X Teflx Leg Sleeves

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 McDavid 6440 Hex Knee and Elbow Pads 

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Best features

  • Designed for both elbow and knee support

This design makes it versatile and a great investment as you get two uses from one brace.

  • Flexible material blend

The brace is made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex.  This offers both a free range of movement and controlled compression. The compression helps by reducing pain and increasing blood flow to the area for faster healing.

  • Available in 7 sizes

This includes youth, extra-small, small, medium, large, extra-large and extra-extra-large. To find the perfect fit you will have to take measurements around the knee and compare the findings to the size chart available online.

  • Closed-cell foam padding

This unique design is meant to offer both support to the knee and protection against high impact. The closed-cell design makes it stronger and stiffer for this purpose.

  • Uses hDc moisture management

This prevents odor formation as well as accumulation of sweat and heat. The end result is comfort, dryness, and breathability which allow you to wear the pads for long periods of time.


  • It offers body to body protection.
  • It is multi-purpose and can be used on both elbow and knee injuries.
  • It is made from hypoallergenic materials.
  • It offers support while allowing full range of limb movement.
  • It is machine washable and dryable.


  • They offer poor body to surface protection therefore not ideal for sports involving contact with hard surfaces.
  • The material is thin and tears up very quickly with or without impact.

Watch How To Put On The McDavid 6640 Hex Knee and Elbow Pads

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 McDavid 645 Knee and Elbow Pads

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Best features

  • Flexible material blend

These knee pads are made from 70% polyester, 12% rayon and 18% rubber. The polyester makes it a lot stronger and more durable than other knee braces without the synthetic fiber. The rayon makes the brace soft and comfortable whereas the rubber offers flexibility and compression. 

  • ½ inch closed-cell Polyethylene foam padding

This is meant to offer additional support and protection to the knee joint. The cushioning effect also comes in handy by making the pads a lot more comfortable.

  • Elastic sleeve

This makes it easy to put on and take off the knee pads. The sleeve also contributes to some extent to a firm grip on the skin to prevent slipping.


  • Offers body to surface protection.
  • Versatile as it can be used for both elbow and knee injuries.
  • Designed for wearing on both the left and right leg/arm.


  • The slip-on design makes it painful to wear or take off over swollen joints.
  • They are not breathable which makes the knee hot and sweaty when worn for long.
  • They slip off when the joint is in constant motion as the elastic strip is not very firm.

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Bottom line

These knee pads all have a lot to offer. Hex Technology on the 6446X model makes it perfect for sports where there is a risk of high impact with other players and with the ground. The 6440, on the other hand, gives you great value for your money as it can be used on both elbow and knee injuries. Finally, the McDavid 645 is simple and sturdy with great all-round support.

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