The Procare XcelTrax Air Tall Walker Boot 79-9551 is specifically designed to provide support and comfort following various mild to severe ankle or leg traumas. It is also recommended by physicians for post-operative use. It comes in five sizes from XS up to XL and can be worn on either the right or the left foot. It has a wide foot bed which accommodates most foot widths and the design of the struts means the tall walker fits most leg sizes.

The bottom of the walker is designed to be rugged and non-slip, giving the wearer confidence over a variety of terrains. Its design incorporates a low profile, rocker bottom which helps the wearer to maintain a normal gait.
The tall walker is lightweight and has a unique pre-shaped ergonomic frame which helps control the level of pressure on the malleolus and lower leg. A shock pod has been incorporated into the heel area of the outer shell to reduce the impact of heel striking while walking which obviously prevents further injury to the affected area.

The tall walker also comes with a pneumatic liner which provides cushioning and absorbs any shock or impact caused by walking. The liner is made from soft nylon with a foam filling and has an integrated pump which inflates the liner with ease, so you can control the amount of compression you want on your injury.

The tall walker can be washed in mild soapy water. The liner can be washed in cold, soapy water. Do not use fabric softener. Rinse well in cold water and air dry. Do not tumble dry.

Benefits of Procare XcelTrax Air Tall Walker Boot

  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to put on
  • Can be used on either foot
  • Excellent fit
  • Wide foot bed
  • Accommodates most leg sizes
  • Impact reduction
  • Shock absorption 
  • Pneumatic liner assists with stability
  • Pneumatic liner helps to alleviate pain and swelling
  • Integrated pump makes pneumatic liner easy to inflate

Procare XcelTrax Air Tall Cam Walker Boot DJO-79-9551 Can Be Used For:

  • Post-operative use
  • Mild to severe injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Stable fractures
  • Sprains
  • Strains

Material and Allergy Information:

  • Soft nylon foam liner
  • Ergonomic frame
  • No latex
  • No neoprene