Price Beat Guarantee

Being a small business, we do try hard to keep our prices the lowest in the market. However if you find a better price (including shipping costs) advertised for the same model, size and color of particular product and it's in stock - we will not only match the price but beat it by a further 5%!

There are some conditions that need to be matched for the advertised competitor price:

  • The store is based in Australia and is an authorized dealer
  • The same model, size and color of product is in stock at that store
  • The advertised price is at an online, web-based store
  • The total price to have the product delivered to your address, will be matched and beaten (Remember we offer free shipping!)
  • We must be able to confirm the product is brand new and in its original packaging

Additionally we will only match the price for one product model and a maximum quantity of two.

Our Price Match Guarantee does not apply to competitor's bonus offers, Ebay auctions, free offers, auction websites, non-retail(wholesale) websites, private sales, special orders, typographical errors, clearance sales, liquidation sales, mail-in rebate offers, or where a service commitment is included in the transaction

We reserve the right to refuse matching or beating a competitor price at any time.

We do not refund or pay the difference if you find a better advertised price for a past purchase with us.

In order for us to match and beat the price please fill out the contact form here