New OS1st Orthosleeve FS6+ Natural Compression Leg Sleeves

Crafted of high-quality microfiber nylon material, the Orthosleeve FS6+ Natural Leg Compression Sleeves uses medical-grade Compression Technology to relieve leg pain and discomfort. The FS6+ is able to relieve pain resulting from shin splints, plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, DVT, leg cramps, and more. The support provided by leg compression sleeves can also prevent leg injuries from ever occurring. Wearing compression sleeves while you exercise or go about your daily routine can drastically reduce your risk of muscle damage on the supported area. Whether you would like to relieve an injury of prevent one, we guarantee that the FS6+ Leg Compression Sleeve will reduce your pain, relieve your symptoms, and improve your quality of life—or your money back.

NOTE: Orthosleeve has been re-branded to OS1st.

Benefits of Orthosleeve FS6 Plus Natural Compression Foot & Calf Sleeves

The OrthoSleeve FS6+ provide medical grade orthopedic support. Patent pending Compression Zone Technology® provides leg and foot support and pain relief.  FS6+ Compression Leg Sleeves provide relief for Plantar Fasciitis, heel pain, foot swelling, calf muscle pain, Achilles Tendonitis, shin splints, poor circulation, and pain in your legs or feet.

FS6+ Compression Leg Sleeves with Compression Zone Technology®

The eleven zones of graduated zones of compression support your legs and feet to relieve pain. Our compression leg sleeves also boost circulation while providing lower leg support.

The FS6+ combines easy-on-easy-off design with medical grade support.  The eleven zones of graduated compression support the leg, ankle and foot. Our comfortable design does not resort to hot or bulky neoprene, plastic, or Velcro.  The FS6+ gives you full range of motion without the discomfort from bulkier braces.  You can wear the FS6+ at any time, even under normal pants, socks, and shoes.

The FS6+ offers an easy and effective way to relieve leg and foot pain and boost circulation.

Materials and Allergy Information

  • 24% Spandex
  • 76% Micro-nylon
  • Soft moisture wicking fabric
  • Hand wash them in cold water with a mild detergent, rinse well and air dry. Do not tumble dry or use fabric softener or bleach.
OS1st Orthosleeve FS6+ Natural Compression Leg Sleeves
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Orthosleeve FS6 Plus Natural Compression Leg Sleeves (Pair)

  • Brand: Orthosleeve OS1st
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  • Sizing: Multiple Sizes To Fit User
  • Color: Natural
  • $69.97
  • Ex Tax: $69.97

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