Zensah Compression Sleeves
For sheer comfort, Zensah's high performance sports apparel is a world leader. Apart from being virtually seamless, the soft, lightweight fabric is particularly effective at wicking moisture away from the skin. These sleeves are designed to keep you cool and comfortable during strenuous activity, yet warm enough to be ready to perform from a standing-start, without the risk of muscle cramps.

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This revolutionary compression apparel first appeared on the US market in 2004, when CEO, Ze’ev Feig founded the Zensah company in Miami, Florida. Feig’s innovative, performance enhancing apparel was an instant hit with prominent US sports stars like Dwayne Wade and his team-mates at Miami Heat. Now, with production facilities in North Carolina and Italy, Zensah consistently tops the US league of best-selling runners’ leg sleeves.

Athletes worldwide are becoming more aware of the benefits that can be gained from wearing compression clothing. While the high-level performance gains from increased blood circulation and muscle oxygenation are well known, recent research has highlighted other benefits for sports men and women at all levels.

Zensah sleeves are specifically designed to deliver ‘graduated’ compression. This feature improves circulation by applying a higher level of compression to the parts of the body which are furthest from the heart. The resulting pressure gradient improves the efficiency of the body’s circulatory system. With oxygen depleted blood flowing faster towards the heart, freshly oxygenated blood can be transferred more efficiently to hardworking muscles.

Graduated compression also helps with faster recovery after strenuous exercise. How? Simply by improving the efficiency of the transfer of blood lactate away from the muscles. Blood lactate is one of the chemical compounds produced by the muscles during heavy exercise. Reducing the concentration of blood lactate during exercise can increase an athlete’s lactic threshold and produce a measurable improvement in performance. Wearing Zensah’s graduated compression sleeves during training can help to increase your lactic threshold.

Zensah compression products also provide physical stability for individual muscles. Imagine the microscopic tears in muscle tissue that can be caused by repetitive vibration and impact when running, jumping and training. By targeting support in key areas, Zensah’s compression sleeves reduce muscle trauma.