Weatherproof Walking Boot & Foot Protective Covers
Our weatherproof walking boot covers are durable, easy to put on and will keep your walking boot clean. One of the main discomforts of a walking boot is that the toes are exposed. Our covers will ensure your toes are covered and remain clean and dry - wherever you walk.

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Walking Boot Covers

Walking Boot covers are a desirable item if you wear an orthopaedic boot or brace. They protect the boot/brace from wet weather and keep the wearer 100% dry. We stock the Weather Walking Boot Cover by My Recovers For Tall & Short Walking Boots. This versatile boots cover fits either leg and allows the wearer to walk on the sole of their orthopaedic boot, thus preventing any slipping or sliding.

A cam walker cover is an essential part of a wardrobe when wearing an orthopaedic boot or brace. It enables the wearer to walk in inclement weather knowing that not only is their boot or brace is protected from the wet, but their feet will also remain dry. 

A cam cover protector has an open bottom which allows sure footedness and confidence for the wearer. Walking boot covers are simple to put on and fasten with ease. The snug fit means that water is repelled off the walking boot cast cover, thus keeping the brace to boot dry and clean. A waterproof walking boot cover also prevents any fastenings on the boot or brace from snagging on your clothes or chafing your skin. 

When choosing the right cover for your walking cast boot, let your imagination go wild. Just because you have an injury doesn’t mean you can’t make a fashion statement. There are designer covers which will allow you to show your individuality and perhaps even start a fashion trend of your own. Show that world that nothing is going to stop you from being you.