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Sports Tape, Pre Wrap & More

We stock a wide range of underwrap, foam tape, sports strapping tape, physio tape, prewrap, rigid, strapping and kinesiology tapes.

Sports Tape, Rigid Tape Strapping, and Pre Wrap

Taping and strapping are frequently used by physiotherapists, athletic trainers and sports therapists to treat, support and prevent a myriad of sports injuries.  We stock a wide range of these products from ankle bandage through athletic tape to boxing tape.

Sports tape and wraps have been used by sportsmen and women for many years. There are many types of tape such as rigid tape which is designed to reduce joint movement. Underwrap can be used under compression bandages and sportstape to prevent chafing and irritation.

Elastic tape is flexible and allows movement of the skin, muscles and soft tissue. Sport tape, such as felt tape, is thick, contains no glue and acts as a skin barrier. The ideal knee bandage is a cohesive bandage which again contains no glue and the weave is designed so each layer sticks to the next as it is wrapped around the joint.  Ankle tape is ideal for stopping the ankle from rolling and can help prevent a break or a sprain.

It is best to leave taping and strapping to the professionals when it comes to rehabilitation and prevention of injury. Avoid taping where your skin is sensitive or has problems such as psoriasis or eczema. Do not use sports tape over new scars or sunburnt skin.  If you feel pins and needles after taping, remove the tape immediately. It is easier to remove it by cutting it off rather than pulling it off.