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Body Assist Suspensory Testicular Supporter 500

Brand: Body Assist

Product Code: 5001

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Quantity Per Pack: Sold Individually

Sizing: Multiple Sizes To Fit User

Size Size Guide z
Size Chart Waist 500


Size Description
Small Below regular size testicles
Medium Regular size testicles (most popular size)
Large Swollen or bigger than average size testicles
Extra Large Very swollen or overly elongated testicles


Note: We have had customers ask about conditions that cause testicle swelling similar to "basketballs" or "soccer balls". This product will not be big enough unfortunately.


The BodyAssist Testicular Supporter 500 is becoming increasingly popular with sportsmen and athletes and those that suffer from sagging, swollen or painful testicles. Many sports players wear one every day during their workout, run or game. This discreet testicular support underwear is specially designed to lift and hold the scrotal sac, while giving the wearer complete freedom of movement.  This support obviously helps relieve the pain and tenderness experienced when the testicles are swollen or sagging.


Benefits of the BodyAssist Testicular Supporter 500

  • Great for sportsman
  • Excellent for pre and post surgery
  • Ventilated pouch for comfort and coolness
  • Can be worn over extended periods of time
  • Washable
  • Hygienic


BodyAssist Testicular Support Can Be Used For

  • Pre surgery
  • Post surgery
  • Supporting the cremaster muscle
  • Injury reduction
  • Providing lift and support during exercise and running
  • Alleviating tenderness and pain in the scrotum
  • As an underwear for scrotal or testicle support


Material and Allergy Information

  • 33% Viscose
  • 22% Latex
  • 45% Nylon