The Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard 5100 for Youths is extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear and comes in one colour, charcoal. It uses dual composite construction which gives it strength, durability and great shock absorption.  It has specially designed jaw pads which create wide channels which improve breathing. The front bumper is designed to protect the front teeth from damaging impact. The Pro mouthguard can be worn with braces.

Wearing a mouthguard is essential for many sports and should be encouraged from a young age. Collision and contact sports are obviously the number one culprits when it comes to dental injury but non-contact sports, such as athletics, gymnastics and skating, are also culprits when it comes to damage to the teeth and jaw. A mouthguard also helps protect the wearer from concussion and jaw injuries.

The Pro Mouthguard comes with a $7,500 dental warranty. Should the mouth guard not protect the mouth as claimed, then claim through Shock Doctor. 

Benefits of the Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard 5100Y

  • Multilayer Construction - for protection and fit that outperforms conventional mouthguards
  • Shock absorbing jaw pads help protect against concussions
  • Shock absorbing bumper deflects impact away from front teeth
  • Can be worn with braces
  • Comes with a $7,500 dental warranty should the mouth guard not provide the protection as required and treatement is required
  • Strapless version
  • Youth size is recommended for those 10 years or younger 

The Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard For Youths can be used for:

  • Protection against concussion
  • Protecting the TM joint from dislocation and related injury
  • Protecting against internal oral lacerations such as injuring the tongue and cheek
  • Protecting the teeth from tooth fractures, tooth loss and tooth displacement
  • Protecting the jaw from fracture caused by side and bottom jaw impacts 

The Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard Benefits All Sports:

  • Martial arts - protects teeth from frontal impact and lower jaw impact
  • Contact sports such as rugby, AFL & basketball
  • Boxing and wresting
  • Extreme sports
  • Hockey and ice hockey
  • Squash
  • Skateboarding and BMX
  • Skating
  • Gymnastics 

Fitting the Shock Doctor Pro Mouthguard.

Custom fitting the mouthguard is easy. Simply boil water and remove from the heat for 30 seconds and then place the mouthguard in the water for 75 - 90 seconds. Remove it from the water with a slotted spoon and then run it under a cold tap for a couple of seconds to reduce the surface temperature. Place it on the teeth and bite down hard, suck in strongly and use your fingers to press the edges of the mouthguard into the teeth and gum line through the lips and cheeks for 20 seconds. Remove it and run under a cold tap for 30 seconds and check for the perfect fit. 

Material and Allergy Information

  • Dual composite construction