The Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Bio-Flex Cup 221 have a dual purpose. The Bio Flex Cup protects the groin area from impact injury and the compression shorts keep the muscles warm both during and after exercise which helps prevent muscle strain and fatigue. The core compression shorts are made from fabric which wicks moisture away from the body, thus making them cool in summer and warm in winter. The wicking effect also prevents sores from chafing. The shorts fabric also has antibacterial properties which helps prevent odour.

The Shock Doctor Bio Flex cup is a vented bio-shape cup which protects the area where protection is most crucial. The cup holder conforms to the weare's frame, allowing full movement, comfort and constant airflow.  The perimeter has gel inserted for added comfort and protection and the vented bio-shape allows the air to flow throughout the area covered. The wraparound X-Fit cup retention strap keeps the cup close to the body and allows total freedom of movement without any irritation.

The Shock Doctor compression shorts with cup come in a range of sizes from Men's Small to Men's XXL and are available in black. To select the right size, measure your waist circumference.

Benefits of the Shock Doctor Core Compression Shorts with Bio Flex Cup

  • 4 way stretch fabric conforms to the body for the best fit and greatest comfort
  • Made from antimicrobial moisture wicking fabric
  • Vented mesh cup pocket allows for maximum airflow
  • Bio Flex cup protects sensitive areas
  • X-Fit cup retention system keeps cup firmly in place
  • X-pocket retention system positions the lower third of the cup in a more natural position between the legs
  • Wraparound external supporter gives comfort and protection
  • Interlocking flat seams
  • Comfort fit waistband 

The Shock Doctor Compression Shorts with Protective Cup 221 can be used for:

  • Protection of the groin area in a variety of sports and workouts
  • Keeping muscles warm during and after workouts and sports
  • Reducing chafing for runners and cyclists 

The Compression Shorts with Athletic Cup Can Be Used For Most Sports:

  • Contact sports such as rugby, soccer & AFL
  • Martial arts
  • Wrestling
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Basketball 

Material and Allergy Information

  • 86% Polyester, 11% Spandex, 3% Nylon
  • Cup is thermoplastic urethane