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Protective Padded Tanks & Shirts

Our McDavid hex padded shirts are perfect for those requiring chest and torso protection. The padded clothing will prevents bumps and bruises from sports such as baseball, basketball, volleyball netball, MMA, rugby, AFL and more.

Protective & Padded Rib Shirts

Padded shirts provide protection to the chest, spine, ribs and torso area. They are the perfect choice for preventing the bruises, cuts and grazes which are part of most contact sports such as rugby, AFL, basketball and soccer. Protect yourself with one of our shirts and enjoy free shipping within Australia.

As sportsmen and women up their game, so manufacturers up theirs by continually updating and improving their products. Padded shirts provide protection without hindering play. When used in sports like baseball and rugby, these shirts protect the players but don’t affect movements such as pitching, running and place kicking.

Athletes and sportsmen and women are looking for protection and comfort. These shirts eliminate the need for external padding, with the necessary padding being integrated into the shirt. This, together with the compression element, produces a comfortable and protective layer while in action.

Padded, compression shirts are made to the highest standard in order to withstand the rigours of the toughest sports out there. These shirts are a relatively new development and are becoming an essential part of both amateur and professional sportsmen and women’s kit.

The 3 Hex Padded Tank Shirt A7963 features three, 14mm cell Hexpads to absorb blows to the ribs and spine. Designed specifically for local Australian sports such as Rugby and AFL. Manufactured from hDc, moisture wicking fabric, with a tight, compression fit, which helps prevent muscle pulls and fatigue.

It has Reinforced seams, with 6-thread stitching for additional strength and comfort. The no-stretch, arm-hole binding is specially designed to keep its shape. The sleeveless, tank top design is perfect for a range of sports including Basketball, Rugby, AFL, Footy (NRL), Gridiron and any other sport that involves contact.