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Backpod by BodyStance

Brand: Bodystance

Product Code: backpod

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Backpod by Bodystance is a New Zealand physiotherapy innovation specifically designed for home treatment and ongoing care of the commonest upper spinal problem in the world - a hunched upper back driving neck pain and headache.

Designed by Steve August, a physiotherapist with 30 years' experience in treating spines and lecturing in this area, it tackles a problem that is rapidly increasing....that more of us bend more and more to use our laptops, tablets, and smartphones - which are rarely set up ergonomically correctly. The Backpod® is a stand-alone home treatment device and program.  It also helps and enhances existing treatment from doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and other health professionals.

The Backpod® lets you stretch out the tough, tightened material holding a hunched upper back in its stoop.  Just lie back on the Backpod® for a few minutes at home for a really effective stretch. If you are getting the treatment you can still use Backpod. The Backpod® and its program fit in really well with all the usual treatment approaches to backs and necks - physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, Pilates, gym strengthening, yoga, anti-inflammatory medications, etc. This tool and its strengthening exercises, stretch, massage, and posture advice provide what is usually needed to get most necks working properly, and keep them doing so.

Steps to Using your Backpod:

  1. To start: Lie back on the floor with your knees bent and your head resting on three pillows.
  2. Position the Backpod® lengthwise under your spine between your shoulder-blades. Add a towel over the Backpod® for more comfort if desired.
  3. Place your hands under your head and relax onto the Backpod® for 30 seconds. Repeat this stretch several times, repositioning the Backpod® up and down the middle back and slightly out to the sides of the spine.

Instructions on how to clean your Backpod:

Wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it in warm water. Mild soap is fine if it really needs it. Talcum powder rubbed in occasionally will help keep the green flexible outer layer springy and supple.


Approx 20cm long x 12cm wide x 6cm high (at highest point)

The Backpod® has won several New Zealand and international design and innovation awards, including an international Red Dot and one of the invitation-only German Council Design Awards.