Neo G Kids Ankle Support With Figure-8 Straps 887K

Brand: Neo G

Product Code: 887K

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Designed For:  Kids Up To 12 Years

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Sizing:  One Size Fits Most

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The Neo G Kids’ Ankle Support Brace with Figure-of-8 Strap is specifically designed to provide dynamic support of the ankle complex in children up to approximately 12 years of age. It provides extra support, comfort, and compression of the ankle complex, allowing your child to continue with their activities of daily living, be it running around on the playground or dribbling on a soccer field. The brace is used to help reduce excessive movement of the ankle joint to prevent injury or sprains and to provide support for a child who already suffers from ankle instability (from a previous injury, ligament laxity or chronic arthritis). 

It is a unisex product and is available in one size only. It has adjustable straps to suit the contours of your child’s foot and can be worn on the right or left side. The brace is lightweight and easy to use in most styles of footwear. It is made from Premium Grade Neoprene, a heat-therapeutic material that helps to increase warmth in the joint making it perfect for when your child suffers from stiffness and pain.


Features & Benefits Of Neo G Kids Ankle Brace

  • It provides support for muscle strains and tendinopathies such as Achilles Tendon Rupture, Achilles Tendonitis, and Peroneal Tendonitis. 
  • It also provides support for High ankle sprains, Eversion and Inversion ligament sprains, and support during the latter part of the rehabilitation process following a fracture.
  • It provides preventative support and compression for instability.
  • It helps relieve symptoms of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis such as pain and stiffness, and helps give support if your child is limping.
  • Made from durable, heat-therapeutic Neoprene which helps warm the muscles and joints to ease stiffness and pain.
  • The figure-of-8 strap simulates taping so you don’t have to spend 10-15 minutes taping up your child’s ankle every time he goes out to play. 
  • The figure-of -8 strap is adjustable to ensure an optimum fit for each child.
  • The edges are bound with perfectly flat-finished seams to provide blood flow safety and ensure durability so you don’t have to keep replacing the product. On top of that, it won’t irritate the skin as taping often does. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to fit into most types of footwear.
  • It is comfortable enough to wear throughout the day.

Use the Children Ankle Brace For:

  • Children up to 12 years old
  • Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Ligament Sprains and Muscle Strains
  • “Weak” ankles or Ligament Laxity
  • Preventative support
  • Sports or recreational activities that include fast-paced weight changes; including running or jumping

How to wear The Neo G Kids Ankle Support:

  • This product is to be used only on clean, unbroken skin.
  • With the help of an adult, the child must push the toes and ball of the foot through the opening, and make sure the Neo G logo is positioned directly over the ankle. 
  • Wrap the upper strap around the ankle and secure the fastener firmly until snug.
  • Wrap the long strap over the foot and behind the ankle, and continue to pull the strap under the foot and behind the ankle in a figure-of-8 motion.
  • Continue to pull the strap over the front of the foot and secure the fastener over the front strap.
  • Continue to pull until firm and snug. 
  • We encourage that you or another adult supervises this process to ensure that the brace is secure and not too tight.
  • Make sure to remove the brace for a few hours every day whilst your child has a rest so the skin can breathe and blood can flow freely. 

Wash, Care & Materials

  • It contains Neoprene, Nylon, Elastane, Polyurethane, Polyester, and Polypropylene.
  • For cold hand-wash only with a mild detergent and to be dried flat.
  • Do not use Fabric Softener or Bleach.