Thigh & Groin Support Braces

Thigh & Groin

Our range of quality products will help provide support and aid healing for those suffering from thigh and groin injuries. This includes hamstring and quadriceps muscle pulls and strains as well as groin injuries.

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Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt 590

The Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt 590 can provide excellent support and pain relief during the..

$99.97 Ex Tax: $99.97

Body Assist Suspensory Testicular Supporter 500

The BodyAssist Testicular Supporter 500 is becoming increasingly popular with sportsmen and athle..

$59.97 Ex Tax: $54.52

McDavid Adjustable Thigh Wrap 478

The McDavid Adjustable Thigh Wrap 478 offers thermal support to prevent thigh strains or pulls..

$55.97 Ex Tax: $50.88

Neo G Groin Support 888B

The Neo G Groin Support 888B has been specially designed to help support the adductor muscles and te..

$64.97 Ex Tax: $64.97

Thigh and Groin Support

We stock high quality products such as Body Assist Inguinal Hernia Belt (590), which is great for hernia support before surgery. We also stock the McDavid Adjustable Groin Wrap (475) and the McDavid Adjustable Thigh Wrap (478). These are some of the products which are used by the world’s best football players to provide warmth and relief from thigh and groin injury.

People who are active in the sports and athletic field, dancers and yoga and Pilates enthusiasts can all experience groin pain and thigh injury. A groin pull is more likely to be experienced by someone playing a high intensity sport, whereas thigh injuries, such as quad strains and hamstring strains can be experienced by everyone. Hamstring injuries are the most common. A groin support can help alleviate the pain and heal these areas.  Our range of quality products will support and aid healing for those people with thigh and groin injuries.

Many injuries, especially hamstring strains, recur frequently. This is mostly due to the fact that people are impatient to get back to their beloved sport, so the groin injury or thigh injury isn’t given enough time to heal. A thigh brace helps to support the upper leg, thus helping to stabilise the quad and hamstring areas. 

Thigh supports are lightweight and are made from moisture wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable.  So, no matter whether you are wearing one for a groin pull or as thigh support, you will find they are comfortable for long term wear and don’t interfere with movement at all. Thigh sprain supports also have silicon bands at the top to prevent them from slipping down your leg while exercising or playing your favourite sport.